Lite Brite Hair Is Literally "Lit"

When you look back at your childhood, there are certain games or toys that specifically come to mind. Every '90s kid likely had a collection of Beanie Babies or a go or two at Bop It, but Lite Brite definitely made up the better part of my tween-age years. If you feel just the same, than Lite Brite hair is about to be your next beauty obsession.

So what exactly is Lite Brite hair? Basically, it's a look inspired by the vivid colors and bright neon qualities reminiscent of the #throwback toy, also known as blacklight hair. As you may recall, the game consisted of a light box and plastic pegs that can be arranged to create an illuminated picture, which is exactly the idea with Lite Brite hair (minus the plastic pegs, of course).

According to Cosmo, Neal Malek, the mastermind hairstylist behind the luminous look, uses Pravana's Neon and Vivid colors to craft an electric style that combines every color of the rainbow that you may desire. The sweetest part? Hair actually glows under a black light! How dope is that?! While multicolored hair may not be exactly new (remember the unicorn hair trend?) lit-up hair is a total game-changer.

Here is the look with the lights on.

Brilliant, isn't it?!

I'm totally digging the mix of warm and cool tones in this style.

Now with the lights off...

Oh. Em. Gee.

Are you obsessed yet?!

Check out the full tutorial below to see how this look is created from start to finish.

Lite Brite hair is definitely on my list of next hair experimentations.