LIVELY Is Donating 1,500 Bras To Women In Need

The year has gotten off to a pretty rough start if you ask me. That's why I need all the good news I can get. No matter how small or how big the ways, people helping others will always make my heart sing. For this reason, I was overjoyed to hear that LIVELY and Support the Girls are teaming up for a good cause. But why are the underwear brand and non-profit working together? It's enough to give you all the feels and restore your faith in humanity again.

If you aren't familiar, LIVELY is the brand responsible for the term "leisurée," which basically combines the aesthetics of lingerie with the comfort and everyday wearability of sports bras and panties. For the Girls, Inc. is a non-profit group that aims to help the personal and spiritual growth of women and girls. They're launching a campaign called Support the Girls, and LIVELY has decided to join them.

The campaign's goal is to collect menstrual products and bras in order to donate them to women in need. From those in homeless shelters to those seeking safe shelter from domestic violence, Support the Girls is there to help. Now, LIVELY is joining them and donating 1,500 bras set to go to Safe Horizon, a victim assistance program serving victims of trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and homelessness.

This isn't the first time that LIVELY has partnered with Support The Girls, either. They actually teamed up back in October as well for the #GoWireless campaign. During this event, the brand asked customers to come into the store to donate their gently used bras.

Menstrual items and bras may seem like every day items to most, but they're actually difficult to get for some women. Support the Girls founder Dana Marlowe explains, "Items like bras are small luxuries most women take for granted, but can be some of the most challenging items for women in need to obtain. Often they do not have access or cannot afford these items. We are grateful to LIVELY for their donation and victims of domestic violence at Safe Horizon shelters will have the opportunity to restore some of the dignity they lost when they were forced out of their homes."

LIVELY and Support the Girls's team-up is the perfect way to remember that good still exists in the world and that we all need to join in and help our sisters in need. In a climate that can seem like a bit of a train wreck on the daily, seeing women use their brands and platforms to support one another and help those in need is inspiring.