Lizzo Has Purple Hair Now & She Literally Looks Like A Mermaid

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After viral mainstream success in 2019, Lizzo has quickly made herself into a style and beauty icon to watch. Whatever Lizzo wears instantly needs to be dissected and copied — and her hair is no exception. Lizzo has purple hair now, and her mermaid look could redefine what "fall hair" looks like.

Mermaid and cotton candy hair colors are usually reserved for the summer, while fall is traditionally reserved for dark, cozy hair hues. But Lizzo's new purple hair just threw a wrench into that philosophy. All of a sudden, purple mermaid hair looks like just the thing to pair with cozy sweaters and plaid jackets.

Lizzo debuted her purple hair during her set at 2019's Music Midtown at Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Sept. 14. The waves reached down to her waist, with the cascading tresses looking crimped and wet. This deconstructed style gave Lizzo a just-came-out-of-the-ocean look, turning her into a literal siren.

Lizzo shared the beauty look on Instagram, captioning the photo, “Wham bam thank ya glam." Lizzo tagged her long-term hairstylist in the post, Shelby Swain. The purple mermaid hair was matched with equally colorful makeup. Makeup artist Alexx Mayo offset her purple waves with a hot pink lid and rainbow eyeliner.

Swain has been the mastermind behind a number of Lizzo's showstopping looks. At the 2019 BET Awards, Swain created an up-do for Lizzo that was accented with a giant saucer fascinator. The hat was completely crafted out of hair and hand painted by Swain herself to look like wood grain.

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Swain was also the stylist who created Lizzo's high ponytail at the 2019 MTV VMAs. While high ponytails are mainstream now thanks to the likes or Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber, Lizzo's scrunchie was what made news headlines. Swain used the Kira Kira Scrunchie from Scunchi, which was decorated with 5,000 individually applied rhinestones.

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For Lizzo's purple mermaid look, Swain shared on Instagram that she used extensions by Dare to Have Hair. Since they're temporary extensions, this isn't going to be an all-season long look for Lizzo. While getting a vibrant violet color like Lizzo's would require a hair appointment, you can recreate the slick mermaid waves at home. Just check out the step-by-step below:

1. Start The Prep Work In The Shower

Your style begins with how you wash and treat your hair. "The first step to achieving Lizzo’s mermaid wet look is starting your 'style' in the shower," Beth Weber, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Refuge Hair, tells Bustle. Weber recommends using Refuge Hair’s Redew (Moisture) Treatment Regimen to help bind in moisture and keep your strands hydrated.

"Remember, moisture is key when creating this go-to wet look," Weber says. "Once you’ve treated your hair in the shower, skip the towel and T-shirt dry your locks. This will help eliminate any unwanted frizz and give you the best canvas to begin your style with."

2. Add Gel

To get that "out-of-the-ocean" mermaid look, you will need to add gel. Weber recommends using Tea Tree’s Curl Defining Gel.

"Rake through with your Mason Pearson Detangling Comb for even product distribution. This will help keep your curls 'wet' without the unwanted crunch," Weber says.

Air dry until hair is ready for heat styling.

3. Curl Your Tresses

Before you touch a hot tool to your hair, Weber recommends that you protect your strands with Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray, which will give you instant shine and tame any unwanted frizz, static, or flyways.

"Prior to heat styling, clip the top half of your hair out of the way to allow yourself to begin styling at the bottom section. Use small portions, wrapping the hair around the rod with the tip pointed down," Weber explains.

"A great way to relax the curl is to pull the curl down and hold straight until it cools," she continues. "This will keep every single strand relaxed while avoiding too much unwanted volume. Continue this technique throughout the rest of your hair."

Weber says not to shy away from holding the curl down longer, in order to create Lizzo's undone look.

4. Finish Off With Shine Spray

"Finish by illuminating your style with an extra dose of your Shine Light Reflecting Spray. For added definition, pick up your Detangling Comb for one last pass," Weber recommends.

Purple might be an unexpected color come fall, but Lizzo proves that there are no rules when it comes to hair. Channel your inner siren just like Lizzo, and see how purple mermaid hair looks on you.