Lizzo Wore A Scrunchie With 5,000 Rhinestones To The VMAS — And You Can Actually Buy It

Courtesy of Scunci

In case you hadn't already heard (but you likely have), Lizzo shut down the 2019 MTV VMAs. The "Juice" singer performed two of her hits and was nominated for two awards at the show, so obviously, she had to have more the one look. Lizzo's VMAs scrunchie from her final look of the night was made with 5,000 rhinestones — and you can actually buy it.

You likely saw Lizzo's VMAs red carpet look from the show. The red sequin dress covered in the word "Siren" and complete with a feather boa may have been one of the best of night. But it didn't have a 5,000 rhinestone scrunchie. It was the singer's final look of the night that she accented with the hair accessory.

For her post-performance ensemble, Lizzo chose an '80s-tastic purple dress complete with massive, off-the-shoulder puff sleeves, a pleated circle skirt, and a wide V-neck. She basically looked like high school Josie from Never Been Kissed but fashion. What's an '80s-inspired ensemble without a scrunchie?

According to brand Scünci (the originator of the scrunchie), the hair accessory was added to the singer's look by hairstylist Shelby Swain, and if you were wondering where all the sparkles came from, the shine is thanks to 5,000 (yes, really) hand-applied rhinestones.

Courtesy of Scunci

Lizzo's scrunchie isn't just for the VMAs, though. Turns out that you can actually buy the fancy ponytail holder. Scünci is selling an extremely limited edition run of Lizzo's VMAs scrunchie for $99 at the brand's website. Is a $99 scrunchie a lot? Sure, it is. But remember that this is 5,000 rhinestones and the opportunity to twin with Lizzo.

If you want the hair accessory, though, you'll need to act fast. The brand is only selling 100 of these sparkly pieces.

Lizzo's scrunchie wasn't her only sparkling accessory. During her performance of "Truth Hurts" and "Good As Hell," Lizzo took a quick break to grab a drink from a bottle of tequila. It wasn't just any bottle, though. Lizzo's tequila bottle was also completely covered in rhinestones, and was kind of the perfect accessory. In fact, if you tuned into the show, you'll know that she carried the bottle for the remainder of the night.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then, there was the singer's red carpet look. Lizzo showed the word how to rock sparkle at the VMAs when she appeared on the carpet in a totally sequin gown with "Siren" emblazoned all over it. Added to the Jessica Rabbit-inspired look was an ultra-glam feather boa and a diamond necklace that would make any bling-lover want to faint.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While snagging the diamond necklace she wore on the carpet or your own bottle of blingy tequila may not be in your future, one thing you can get from Lizzo's VMAs appearance (other than a hefty dose of self-confidence) is her rhinestone scrunchie.