Lokai's New Collection Is Breaking The Internet

Courtesy Lokai

Forget everything you know about Lokai bracelets, because they just got a major upgrade. The message of the brand is staying the same, but the aesthetic is more high-end than ever. According to the Instagram post, the company created the Lokai 2.0 Collection that's filled with four new styles in multiple colors. The looks is only one reason to shop too. These bracelets are good for your wardrobe and the planet.

If you thought that Lokai was just a brand to get trend jelly-looking bracelets in different colors, think again. The brand is branching out from their classic design to deliver an even more sophisticated design. The Lokai 2.0 Collection is filled with wrap bracelets, metal bangles, and metal beads. Each one comes in four different colors — grey, rose gold, deep grey and gold — and range from $24 for the plastic bracelets to $54 for the metal design.

The looks are only one of the reasons to shop this accessory. Each one is made out of recycled plastics and metal from landfills and the ocean. So not only do they make you look great,but you'll be saving the planet all at the same time. It doesn't get much better than that.

Courtesy Lokai

To say that people love these accessories is an understatement. The bracelets are so popular that the site crashed as soon as they launched. The brand was quick to fix the problem, but, as of July 20 at 12:30 p.m., the site is still running a little slow.

Courtesy Lokai

That hasn't stopped people from stocking up on the bracelets though. Twitter has been buzzing about the launch since the brand first teased the accessories. Now that they're here, people are freaking out.


Emoji on point.

Every. Single. One.


The obsession is real.

Claps all around.

Bottom line: stop what you're doing and go snag these gorgeous bracelets while you still can.