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Kara Mohr

In a call for increased cross-discipline research during COVID-19, psychologists and psychiatrists have said the impact of the pandemic on the population’s mental health will be “profound”. Increased anxiety, heightened feelings of worry and panic are just a few of the effects being reported by individuals. With lockdown continuing until at least May 8, it’s likely that strain on our mental wellbeing will continue, too.

As a remedy, experts worldwide are encouraging people to stay connected with friends and family. Making use of the allotted one hour outside to stay active is also a recommended way of improving mental health. As is limiting your news and social media consumption, except where absolutely necessary to stay informed.

But as we’re presented with new challenges daily, it’s natural to feel as though the only thing you really need is a break.

Introducing #LOLsolation, a Bustle UK initiative to bring people the funny content we all deserve right now. When taking a mental break is harder than ever – globally, 2 in 3 people have admitted to consuming more news media during the pandemic, and in the UK alone, 50% of us are staying more up to date with the headlines than before – we want to make the laughs as easy to come by as possible.

While #LOLsolation can’t solve the problems faced by a critically underfunded NHS, or provide much-needed PPE to healthcare workers across the country, it can hope to encourage Internet browsers everywhere to pause for a moment in their day and do one thing: laugh.

On Instagram and bustle.com throughout lockdown, we’ll be sharing hilarious work by comedians and actors for your entertainment. Think skits about isolation shopping, jokes on the art of Zoom calls, LOLs related to dating during lockdown and beyond.

This month, we’re graced by the comedy stylings of Daisy May Cooper (This Country), Nigel Ng, and more.

Daisy May Cooper

She needs no introduction, she is Kerry Mucklowe. Daisy May Cooper has taken quirky quarantine hobbies to a whole new level with her daily dance routines to British TV theme tunes. This, the Channel 4 News, is a particularly vigorous romp featuring Jon Snow. Bonus: Daisy’s adorable daughter, “Buckbeak”, often makes a well-timed appearance.

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Karen Hobbs

A throwback to life before lockdown… Remember hanging out with friends? Me neither. Probably for the best though, because Karen has perfectly captured the face you pull when you thought you were signing up for 3 hours of tea, biscuits, and banter, but find yourself with front row tickets to recorder rehearsals and “Freddie’s stolen the WiFi”.

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Thomas Tatam

Hair stylist to ‘Love Island’ legends by day, character comedian by night (or in this case, by lockdown). Thomas is here to bring joy to your feed with his ~flawless~ TikTok renditions of Grease classics, Moana bangers, and the UK’s most notorious viral video… Disgostang.

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Nigel Ng

The most common coronavirus symptoms are a dry cough and high fever, while less common symptoms include a reduced sense of taste and smell. That being said, London-based comedian and podcaster Nigel Ng raises a very valid point should your dinner taste a bit bland…

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Laura Smyth

It’s been two and a half months of video calls and I am quite frankly, ready to throw my laptop out of the window. But fear not! Laura Smyth has found some light in this dark!

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Simon Brodkin

Political parodies are thriving amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and rightly so. Simon Brodkin’s Government Briefings take a tongue in cheek look at the British parliament’s oftentimes baffling approach to updating the public on where the country currently stands.

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For anyone who’s ever wondered what their customer service experience would look like if Gemma Collins worked in the call centre, this video is for you.

Video via @loveofhuns.tv

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April #LOLsolation

Paul Cooper

Better known as the imitable Martin Mucklowe in BBC Three’s This Country, Paul has given us the delight of knowing what Kerry’s dad would be up to during isolation:

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Ed Jones

One third of Cry Babies Comedy Ed Jones tackles cooking during coronavirus, an activity that’s had us all getting creative with that tin of veg from 2013:

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Eleanor Conway

After cancelling her stand up tour due to coronavirus, Eleanor is now sitting in her pants for the foreseeable (and making funnies on the reality of dating during a pandemic):

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Noah Husbands

Noah (AKA Henry Perryment, one half of Goodbear Comedy) knows the importance of staying connected during isolation – here he shares how #ClapForCarers gave him some much needed ~human interaction~ during quarantine:

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Jane Postlethwaite

If you haven’t found unexpected sofa snacks, are you really on lockdown? Comedian and podcast host Jane Postlethwaite certainly knows the feeling:

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Ed Kear

Are you anti-baccing your food? Aren’t you anti-baccing your food? The struggle is real. Actor, writer, and director Ed Kear illustrates *the* quarantine confusion:

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If you or someone you know are interested in taking part in #LOLsolation, please email charlie.mock@bustle.com for more information!

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