Charlie Mock

Charlie is Bustle's Social Media Manager and as such, can be found most regularly browsing Instagram for memes and/or Lizzo's latest TikTok. Memes aside, Charlie oversees the strategy for all of Bustle's social media presence across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, including the brand's multiple franchises in both the U.S. and UK. She has been with Bustle for three years and was part of the launch team at Bustle UK in 2018. Charlie is also a keen pop music stan (any and all, but particularly anything inspired by Y2K pop punk — looking at you, MGK) and Disney aficionado. The walls of her flat are lined with a carefully curated mix of Harry Styles paraphernalia and vintage theme park maps, with a homage to her hometown Bristol, UK thrown in too. She's also big into cleaning, and launched Bustle UK's "Cleanfluenced" column, in which writers share their top tips and hacks for a sparkling home. H/t to Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon for inspiring Charlie on the daily. Previously, Charlie wrote for the likes of DIY Magazine, Wonderland, Mashable and London In Stereo. You can follow Charlie on Instagram @charlielouisemock, and read more of her work