London Zoo Organised An Easter Egg Hunt For Their Meerkats & Of Course It's Adorable


London Zoo's gates have sadly had to close recently owing to the COVID-19 crisis. However, the zookeepers, the only people allowed in the complex at the moment, remain busy at work caring for animals both big and small. Just recently, for example, they welcomed one key worker into the zoo to deliver his wares. Yes, London Zoo's meerkats were visited by the Easter Bunny and this is your cuteness overload warning because this is just a bit much isn't it?

The Easter Bunny was kind enough, with the help of the zookeepers of course, to get in and stash a load of brightly coloured eggs around the meerkat enclosure. To say the crowd went wild is a complete understatement because what followed was basically like a sort of a meerkat rave/egg hunt mash up.

The motley crew – Penelope, Timon, Aurora, Meko, Dracula, Archie, and Frank – tucked into their eggs after finding them fairly easily despite Zoological Society of London (ZSL) keeper Tom's best efforts.

As Tom explains, in the wild, meerkats "will often find bird eggs and reptile eggs and dig them up as a treat," which explains why they were so good at finding their Easter treats. Of course, eggs in the wild aren't painted bright colours but, judging by the video that shows the meerkats digging, burying, and feasting, it's pretty clear that this is second nature to them.

The early Easter gift was part of a mission to cheer the meerkats who, according to the ZSL website, have been, "missing the extra attention they'd usually get this time of year from our visitors."