Looking For a Fictional Summer Boyfriend? Try These Books

by Kerri Jarema

Ah, summer love. Once the weather starts to heat up, it seems that romance is everywhere you look. Whether it's dealing with your Tinder enthusiast bestie looking for that seasonal hook up, watching all the cute couples dining al fresco and bike riding on the beach, or just the lists of beach read romances and films to watch under the stars, it can feel like not being coupled up during the summer is a death sentence. But that obviously couldn't be further from the truth, and if you're the kind of person who is looking at their summer as a chance to chill out, have some freedom and hang out with your besties, then I salute you.

But even those not romantically inclined among us probably can't help but get sucked into the lovey dovey spirit of the season...and that's where book boyfriends come in. If you want to spend your summer reading and not worrying about dating, then snuggle up to these 11 fictional boyfriends instead. From the mysterious bad boy to the super sweet nerd, all of these fictional YA fellas are handsome, single, and, best of all, definitely won't get drunk and hit on you at the bar this weekend. And, really, who can ask for more than that?


Rishi from 'When Dimple Met Rishi' by Sandhya Menon

Boyfriend Type: The Loveable Intellectual

Rishi is the sweet, smart, nerdy boyfriend of your dreams. OK, so he is super traditional and only follows Dimple to a summer programmers conference to woo her into becoming betrothed to him which, let's put it out there, is definitely problematic. But his intentions are pure, and his interactions with Dimple from the very beginning are nothing but tender, understanding, and, frankly, swoonworthy.

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Lincoln from 'Girl Out Of Water' by Laura Silverman

Boyfriend Type: The Suave Athlete

Lincoln is the super confident athlete who will teach you his best skateboard tricks and never doubt that you can pull them off. His swag helps him get Anise's attention but it's the sweet way he interacts with his little brother and Anise's cousins, his willingness to help Anise through her emotional summer, and his fun, adventurous spirit that make him a summer romance to remember.

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Nate from 'One Of Us Is Lying' by Karen McManus

Boyfriend Type: The Misunderstood Bad Boy

If you're looking for a fictional bad boy for your summer reading fling, you don't have to look any further. Of course, there's much more to Nate than meets the eye and his years-long connection (aka an adorable squee-worthy secret childhood crush) with Bronwyn is swoony, steamy and undeniably dreamy.

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Monty from 'The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue' by Mackenzi Lee

Boyfriend Type: The Handsome Troublemaker

Monty is the rogueish troublemaker you never knew you always wanted. Sure, he's a little irresponsible. But he's handsome and devilish and has a heart of pure gold, if his friendship with Percy is any indication. Besides, with Monty in your life you will never, ever be bored.

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Tru from 'Between Two Skies' by Joanne O'Sullivan

Boyfriend Type: The Sensitive Musician

Tru is the gentlehearted musician most teens (and, OK, maybe adults) fantasize about dating at one point or another. Not only does Tru and Evangeline's relationship begin with an adorable meet-cute in which she rescues him, he spends a lot of his time serenading her through homesickness and writing songs about her. Go ahead, you can start swooning.

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Adam from 'In A Perfect World' by Trish Doller

Boyfriend Type: The Worldly Hottie

So, here's the thing: sometimes you need someone in your life who is going to teach you new things, make you a better person, and maybe even check your privilege every now and again. If they're Adam, they can also be super hot and romantic and incredibly boyfriend worthy while they're at it. At least, that's the way things go for Caroline, anyway. Lucky...

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Porter from 'Alex, Approximately' by Jenn Bennett

Boyfriend Type: The "I'm Pretending To Hate You But I Really Love You" Guy

Maybe you're not into love at first sight. Maybe you want an irritatingly hot guy who's gonna make you work for it a little bit. Then Porter Roth is your man. He does not make friends with his new co-worker Bailey right away...instead he heckles her daily, gaining himself a new archnemesis. But, maybe they grow attracted to each other anyway. And maybe Porter has a juicy secret or two, as well...

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Reid from 'The Upside Of Unrequited' by Becky Albertalli

Boyfriend Type: The Cute Nerd

Reid is the ideal nerd boyfriend. An adorable, sweet, Tolkien superfan who won't mind sitting around and reading with you all afternoon. Though Molly is hesitant to see him as more than a friend at first, it's clear that even she can't ignore his supreme crushability. Reid is the guy who will turn you off the bad boy forevermore. And won't your mom be relieved?

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Wallace from 'Eliza And Her Monsters' by Francesca Zappia

Boyfriend Type: The Shy Creative

He's quiet and a little awkward but when he writes or draws or plays a instrument, he can't stop people from swooning around him for miles. That is Wallace in a nutshell. He helps get Eliza out of her own head (and off the internet) and let herself live and be vulnerable in the real world. He's the kind of guy who will make you question everything, and see the world in a whole new way.

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Darien from 'Geekerella' by Ashley Poston

Boyfriend Type: The Clueless Dreamboat

Here's the thing about Darien: he's gorgeous, but he doesn't care. He's talented, but he's unsure of himself. He's a nerd, but feels out of place in his own fandom. He's a little bit clueless about how to relate to the people around him, and how to control his own life. But when he meets Elle, everything changes for them both. If you're looking for that singular moment of life altering love connection, you need Darien in your life.

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Moises from 'The Education Of Margot Sanchez' by Lilliam Rivera

Boyfriend Type: The Activist

Margot is privileged in a neighborhood where most people are struggling to make ends meet. Super handsome Moises knows this better than anyone, and he fights for the rights of his neighbors and friends against gentrification that will price them out of their homes and their communities. Even his tragic backstory won't stop him from fighting the power... and teaching Margot a thing or two. If you like your guys a little mysterious, a little rebellious, and a lot handsome, Moises is the definition.

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