Hear Lorde Sing About Cadbury Creme Eggs — Really

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When acclaimed recording artist and Cadbury Creme Egg enthusiast Lorde tweeted, “soon i will eat a creme egg” earlier this month, I assumed she would soon eat a creme egg. I did not, however, assume she would soon sing about a creme egg, too. After reading the pop singer’s tweet, Nick Grimshaw of BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show put together a Cadbury Creme Egg-themed parody of Lorde's new single “Green Light.” And on Tuesday’s episode of The Breakfast Show, Grimshaw and Lorde sang this Cadbury Creme Egg-themed parody of “Green Light.” And now this Cadbury Creme Egg-themed parody of “Green Light” is my favorite Easter song of all time.

Is it the only Easter song I’ve ever heard? Probably. Whatever, it’s still my favorite. From the moment “I rip off all the foil before I leave the shop” hit my ears, I was hooked. This is Cadbury Creme Egg parody of “Green Light” is the Cadbury Creme Egg of Easter songs, which is to say it's a divine seasonal treat and I can't get enough.

Trigger warning: Before Lorde and Grimshaw sing about chocolate eggs, there’s a quick jab at American chocolate. Wait, but what about Butterfinger? What about See’s Candies? What about Hershey’s Cookies ’n’ Creme? What about the Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares that are sprinkled with sea salt? And what about those Reese’s Cups that are stuffed with Reese’s Pieces? Are these confections not works of perfection? Have I been living a lie?

Here is Lorde and Grimshaw’s ode to the best Easter candy:

No offense, Peeps, but you're no CCE. Just living my truth.