Lorde’s "Green Light" Video Is Finally Here

Please make sure you're sitting down and have plenty of food and hydrating liquids nearby, because it's finally happened. Lorde's "Green Light" music video has been released, after all the mysterious promo for her long-awaited and feverishly-anticipated latest single. Since I know you won't be standing up from whatever chair you have pointed at your computer screen for a good long while, it's important to have sustenance within reach. We've all been waiting a long time for new music from Lorde, whose first and last album Pure Heroine came out in 2013, so it would be a shame to lose steam in the final stretch.

You've already somehow stayed conscious and upright during the news of the scavenger hunt that Lorde set up in New Zealand, including the title reveal, the snippets of lyrics, and the loaded imagery that she spread throughout the city of Auckland for her fans to follow. And you've somehow managed not to burst at the news that this upcoming album will represent a completely new sound for Lorde. Now you've made it here to this moment, when you finally get to see it all come together, so please hold it together. The "Green Light" video is more than worth the wait. It was released on March 2 in New York City, and you can watch it below, as long as you're sure you can handle it. (Spoiler alert: You can't. None of us can.)

While it starts on the more serious side, by halfway through, you'll be dancing and singing along. The song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head immediately. It's essentially her moment to break free and move on, from whoever was holding her back before.

It's crazy how this always happens, that, after however many years of an excruciating wait between albums, all my annoyance and impatience and anxiety about the delay goes away with the first glimpse of the new material. It happened with Frank Ocean's Blonde, it happened with Adele's 25, and it's happening again with Lorde's M*******A, whatever that turns out to be. I can't wait to find out, and to see the direction that the rest of the album takes, because this "Green Light" video bodes very, very well.