Lorde Could Be Teasing A New Music Video


It looks like Lorde is back and coming to a drive-thru window near you.You see, Lorde released a mysterious commercial in New Zealand of her in the back of the car while dining on some late-night fast food, flickers "3.2.17 NYC" and "3.3.17 NZ." At first, I was horrified that the songstress might actually pull a Katy Perry and set up disco balls in New York and New Zealand (or whatever the Lorde equivalent would be). The tease would logically suggest that at the very least Lorde will be releasing a new track on Wednesday. But there might be more to it: it's fairly plausible that we just witnessed a tease of the brand new Lorde music video.

For one thing, it's barely a reveal that Lorde is slated for an upcoming album. When the pop-gothling turned 20 back in November, she announced that she had been recording new material and that we just needed to be a little bit more patient. You can't rush art, after all. And with her Saturday Night Live performance slated for March 11, it would be an opportune time to release new music beforehand. Hell, it almost feels mandatory to release new music beforehand and give it that big, SNL debut.

But you're not looking at the bigger picture, which is why would Lorde release this little suspect advertisement in such a way? I mean, yeah, it could be an album, it could be a track, but then why not just put up posters. Why not put up an Instagram? No, I think what we're seeing is an action break in the middle of Lorde's latest video, and there's one important clue there.

It's the song. It's the light piano playing on the radio while Lorde and her driver are chowing down on french fries. And, granted, that line seems a little upbeat for a Lorde track, or very upbeat for a Lorde track, practically Swiftian, really. And yet, at the same time, she's made a point of saying that she isn't quite the same precocious teen that took the world by storm with Pure Heroine four years ago. Perhaps her musical stylings will be shifting towards something lighter. Or maybe that song isn't even the beat driving the music video, just a humorous break from whatever spooky antics our girl is actually getting into.

Whatever the case may be, something Lorde is brewing something exciting this Wednesday, and I only hope we get to actually see — not just hear — her back in action.