Lorde Has A Mysterious New Website

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lorde, hi there. Got a few quick questions for you: What is the deal with your latest tweet — which is just the address for a website — and why are you doing this to me? Lorde's Oscars ad has a website, but why? Lorde tweeted a mysterious website address for something on Monday afternoon titled "I'm Waiting For It" and set tongues a-wagging (namely, mostly mine) in the process. But what is she hyping? What is she doing in the mysterious teaser where you can hear music playing while she munches on fast food and sips a fountain drink? Am I watching a short film? A promo for a new music video? A trailer for a concert? There literally so much that's a mystery here that not even Sherlock Holmes could untangle it.

At approximately 1:57 ET on Monday (mark the date and time, kids, because this one could live in glorious infamy), Lorde released two tweets. One tantalizing and the other was quite cryptic. In the first, she asked if we were hungry. Hungry? Say what, Lorde? And then, in the second tweet, Lorde posted up the address for I'm Waiting For It. Could this be the title of her latest song or album? Or is she basically describing me right now, pondering her actions?

While the site only has the teaser video that was posted to a Lorde fan account on Instagram earlier today, there's a new interesting addition. If you do go to the website, you'll see that the browser tab for the website is titled "M*******A." Now, Lorde could be using a choice piece of profanity here or, as I like to think of it, she is actually bleeping out the name of her new single or perhaps her new album title. Plus, I did the math, and I can't think of a profane word that begins with "M," ends with "A," and has seven letters in between. So, joke's on you.

But seriously, what is Lorde teasing? And why isn't it March 2 already? The mystery intensifies.