Luann De Lesseps GIFs That Show How She Feels Now That She’s Finally On Her Honeymoon — PHOTO


Now that The Countess is officially a married woman again, it's time for her to celebrate with her husband, Tom D'Agostino Jr., the way most newlyweds do. That's right, Luann de Lesseps is finally on her honeymoon. The Real Housewives of New York City star alerted her followers that she and D'Agostino are enjoying their wedded bliss in The Bahamas. That sure sounds like the perfect (and warm) location to spend their first days as husband and wife.

In the Instagram shared Thursday, de Lesseps is kissing her now husband on the cheek. Despite how you may feel about them as a couple, they actually look really happy in the picture. Alongside the image, The Countess simply wrote, #Honeymoon #happy xo." She certainly looks over the moon.

It was probably difficult for the Bravolebrity to put how she's feeling into so few words. It's quite the opposite of how she expressed herself in RHONY Season 9. She couldn't help but constantly talk about D'Agostino, how he made her melt, and the fact that they would soon be walking down the aisle. You couldn't watch five minutes of an episode without her exclaiming, "I'm getting married!"

Seeing as she wrote such a short caption, I'm going to channel my inner Countess and show you how she is most likely feeling in GIF-form. Really, my fellow Housewives fans deserve this.

Obviously, she is blissfully happy, but de Lesseps is probably feeling all kinds of emotions and may even be having a hard time expressing them. So, allow the following GIFs to do just that.

It's Like Everyone Knowing Her Music


Pretty much the same feeling.

She Probably Can't Stop Cheers-ing


How many times do you think's she toasted on her honeymoon already?

She's Excited As That Time This Happened


And they probably also scored another yacht.

She's Doing The Famous Lu Dance


This has totally happened at least a handful of times so far.

She's Screamed This A Bunch Of Times


"This [honeymoon] is for me and Tom!"

She's Dialed It Back At Least Once


You know, she is The Countess and has to show some composure.

She's Embracing The Libations


Oh, she's definitely drinking.

She Probably Brought Her Hula Hoop


Yes, Lu. Yes.

She's Laughing In Everyone's Faces

She got married and is on her honeymoon celebrating, so take that everyone who didn't think it would happen!

Here's hoping Lu has as much fun on her honeymoon as she did in the above GIFs.