Luann de Lesseps Explains The Reasons Behind Her Divorce & It Will Break Your Heart

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The one-on-one interview that Real Housewives of New York City fans have been hoping for will be here before you can say "Once a Countess, always a Countess." On Sept. 6, Bravo will air Andy Cohen’s sit-down with Luann de Lesseps, her first interview with Bravo since her split from ex-husband Tom D’Agostino. On Monday, People shared a snippet of the Watch What Happens Live interview, in which de Lesseps tells Cohen that her marriage hit its breaking point days before the NY Housewives taped the RHONY Season 9 reunion.

When asked if there was one event in particular that led to the dissolution of their relationship, de Lesseps said,

“It was the weekend before the reunion, basically. Tom went out and he called up an old girlfriend and they met up with a group of people. And I didn’t know about it. I found out about it the next day in the press. That for me was the final straw. I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’”

Ugh, that is heartbreaking. Sure, de Lesseps did field a lot of rumors about D'Agostino throughout Season 8 and Season 9, so a story about him allegedly hanging out with an old girlfriend isn’t exactly a gossip ball chucked from left field; the other NY Housewives let the Countess know time and time again that they'd heard unsavory things about her then-beau.

But no matter how public your personal life is, it’s got to be tough to find out something’s afoot from a tabloid. Who wants to learn that their significant other is reportedly hanging out an ex while casually thumbing through the paper — especially given past events? And who wants to field rumors about their significant other for, like, over a year? Poor, poor Lu.

At the RHONY Season 9 reunion, which filmed on July 12, de Lesseps insisted that, contrary to the rumors that popped up this summer, her relationship with D’Agostino was going well. However, toward the end of the first episode, de Lesseps admitted to her cast mates that she was staying in a hotel. On Aug. 3, de Lesseps tweeted that she and D’Agostino decided to file for divorce after seven months of marriage. The first episode of the RHONY reunion premiered two weeks after de Lesseps made the announcement.

And now, the blinders are off and the Countess is ready to tell her side of the story.