Lucy Hale Tries On A Faux Pixie & It Looks Amazing

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've ever wanted to try a pixie cut but have been put off by the immense commitment that comes with lopping off all your hair, let Lucy Hale's faux pixie give you inspiration the next time you go in to do your hair. It's totally understandable why some might hesitate before popping into the salon chair and requesting a shorn cut. Hair takes forever to grow, and what if you're the kind of person that can't possibly have the same style for over a year? Hale cleverly found a workaround that predicament, and you can pull inspiration from her styling move. All it will take are some bobby pins and a whole lot of texture.

Hale revealed the new look on Instagram, with her face done up in smoky brown shadow and deep plum lipstick, and her hair windswept and pulled back in a kind of piecey pixie. But her caption reveals the truth behind the bold transformation. She wrote, "When @kristin_ess knows how to fake an even shorter haircut on you and now you want to actually do it 🤔 one day ..." It was just styled deceptively!

Hale has a short bob, so all it took was some clever pinning and hair-spraying to make it look like she went full pixie — admittedly, this would be harder to pull off if you had back-skimming locks.

"From the looks of Hale's styling, Ess used a few strategically placed bobby pins, some dramatic part placement, and a whole lot of texturizing product to get this look," Glamour reported. The finished style almost looks Kris Jenner inspired what with the deep bang and spiky ends, and has faint '90s power woman vibes to it — which is obviously amazing. The end result is a dramatic and highly tousled look that can easily be combed back out into a lob at the end of the day. To give you an idea just how long her natural length is, here's a previous photo of Hale:

If you have chin sweeping hair definitely give this styling trick a try — even if you never want to have super short hair, it would be fun to shake up your aesthetic for a day!