These Eyeshadow Palettes Are Inspired By Tarot Cards & Each Has A Different Meaning

Everyone has jumped on the unicorn, mermaid, and basically all other fantastical creature bandwagon. While those trends have their time and place, there's a new, stunning inspiration. Luminess Cosmetics Tarot Card Eyeshadow Palettes are the new, fabulously hued and beautifully crafted trend — and you'll want to snag them immediately.

The connection between trends, however, isn't as disparate as it seems. While, unfortunately unicorns and mermaids are not real, the mythical animals and tarot both pull from a place of mysticism. While unicorns won't be prancing through your neighborhood in the near future, they're still loosely connected to beauty's potential new trend.

Brand Luminess Cosmetics and their tarot-card inspired eyeshadow palettes are bringing the new trend to makeup. They've created four stunning palettes based on four cards of the Major Arcana in Tarot: The World, The Moon, The Strength, and The Lovers. Each palette has a different meaning, perfect for if you use your beauty routine to express your moods and emotions.

As for the shades in each palette, they're all different, but draw on the cards that they were inspired by. From cobalt blue to hues of grey and pinks, there's a palette for everyone no matter your reading results.

As for the costs of the new Luminess product, they retail for $35, and each of the tarot-inspired shadows feature six shades that reflect the meaning of its card. Plus, inside customers will find a brush to use with their new palette. In even better news, the Luminess' new products are available right now. Simply head over to the Luminess website and grab your favorite collection of shades or the card that encompasses your life most.

While tarot may not have reached unicorn or fantastical creature status in the world of trends, people seem undoubtedly excited about the palette.

So what does each Luminess Cosmetics Tarot Series palette look like?

The Moon

The Moon palette represents the subconscious and features gorgeous purple and blue hues.

The Lovers

The Lovers is a more traditional palette, but it's undoubtedly sultry. With greys and browns, it the perfect collection of shadows for a night out.

The World

The World palette represents success and fulfillment, making it the perfect palette to wear if you want to embody those qualities. If blues and pinks call your name, this is definitely your tarot palette of choice.

The Strength

Strength is all about vibrancy. With a bold red, blue, and some more subtle transition shades, it certainly project strength.

The inside of the palettes aren't the only gorgeous thing they feature. The packaging is also next level stunning. With golden lettering and a beautiful tarot inspired design on the front, they're eye catching to say the least. Plus their fold-out packaging is unique in a beauty world where most palettes feature lift-up designs.

As for where the tarot trend started, there's no way to know for sure, but the 2018 Dior Cruise collection feature tarot inspired fashions, and according to a New York Times piece, tarot has actually seen an incredible rise in popularity as of late with the outlet reporting a 30 percent increase in sales in just 2016.

Dior isn't the only brand crafting tarot product, though. Dr. Jart also created packaging for their sheets mask inspired by a deck of cards back in 2016. While seemingly no longer available, they're a sign that tarot-inspired goods have been a long time coming.

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you love tarot or just love makeup, the Luminess Cosmetics tarot-inspired palettes may just be your new must-have. Head over to the brand's website now and grab your new collection of destined shadows.