Lush Dropped Butterfly Bath Bombs & They Are Almost Too Cute To Use

Even a classic product can benefit from a subtle change. Lush's Bath Bombs are loved by Lushies for their skin-softening qualities, their fresh fizziness, the way their yummy fragrances waft through the air and transform a bathroom into a spa, and their playful colors. Most recently, Lush dropped butterfly bath bombs for Spring 2019 and this new shape is a super fun update. They're almost too cute to use.

If you are a Lush loyalist with a passion for bath bombs, please do not panic over this news. The brand still offers plenty of the familiar round bombs that you love to drop into the tub, then watch as they slowly melt and turn your bath water into a rainbow of colors. Your soak will remain the same. These butterfly bombs are simply a springtime product offering that welcomes the new season. They retain all of the ace qualities that stimulate your senses of sight, smell, and touch that have made bath bombs a fan favorite.

The butterfly versions are available online right now with prices ranging from $5.25 to $6.95. The bombs will cruise into Lush boutiques on April 15. In the product description on the Lush site, the brand recommends checking with your favorite Lush location to confirm future availability.

Below are the four scents and shades that comprise the butterfly collection. They're all vegan so if your animal sympathies extend to your beauty products, you can feel good about using these bombs.

1. Lemon Butterfly Bath Bomb

If you are a hardcore citrus scent seeker, the Lemon Butterfly bath bomb is a total find since it boasts a mix of Siciliian lemon oil and sweet wild orange oil. Your bathroom will morph into a sauna complete with green and gold water as this baby melts away the remains, stains, and stress of the day. Your skin will smell and feel so fresh.

2. Wild Butterfly Bath Bomb

This fizzer incorporates notes of olive leaf absolute and sweet wild orange. It smells as delicious as it sounds and leaves behind electric swirls of red and yellow as it evaporates. You can sink into your tub for a soak that'll lift your spirits while cleansing your skin.

3. Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb

With its blend of rose and Sicilian lemon oils, this bomb is all about the fragrance. The invigorating, fruity floral scent wakes up your brain. Meanwhile, its pink and purple ribbons look pretty and smell glorious.

4. Shijimi Butterfly Bath Bomb

The serene blue marble butterfly bomb will be available on March 29. You can also sign up for an email alert and be notified when it lands. The calming lavender and chamomile scent is just what you need at the end of long day. It'll soothe your mind, your skin, and help you prep for a serene and restful sleep.

Courtesy of Lush

Don't you just want to dive right in? Who needs a swimming pool when you have a tub and Lush's intoxicating bath bombs?

Lush's Butterfly Bath Bombs are just another option that wholly serves the brand's mission to help you get the smooth skin while stimulating multiple senses at once. These tub treats transform bath time from a rote part of your daily routine into a truly pampering self-care experience. Bring on those pruney fingers and toes.