Lush Is Releasing 54 New Bath Bombs & Here's A Look At Every Single One

Courtesy of Lush

Lush's famous bath bomb is having a major birthday, and the brand is celebrating in the best way possible. The brand's iconic product is turning 30, and to celebrate, Lush is launching 54 new bath bombs. Yes, really. There's a huge new collection of the fizzy, amazing smelling, balls of bath art coming Lushies' ways, and from classic scents to brand new launches, all 54 look amazing.

While Lush is obviously so much more than its bath bombs — like its shower gels and face washes and bubble bars and shampoos — the product may be what it's most well-known for. In fact, many mega-Lush stores have entire stations set up where you can see the little balls of wonder in action. Not only are the bombs among Lush's best-selling bath products, but they were one of the brand's first products as well. Developed in 1989 by Mo Constantine, one of Lush's co-founders and the namesake of the Fomo Jelly Mask, the bath bomb has now been around for 30 years, and by the looks of the celebration the brand's about to have, things aren't slowing down.

With 54 new bath bombs on their way to fans, Lush is celebrating its classic good in the best way possible for fans.

Courtesy of Lush

If you're a major Lushie and are wondering when you can get your hands on the new 30th anniversary bath bombs, you do have a bit of a wait. They won't be available online and in-store until March 29. However, if you happen to be attending South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, the brand has a pop up store where you can get your hands on the bath bombs. If not, it's March 29 for you. Don't worry, though, you can still get a look at what's coming and plan your purchases.

Here are some of the cutest, most luxe bath bombs from the new 30th anniversary launch.

1. Blackberry

This isn't the first time that Lush has launched Blackberry, but it is special for the 30th anniversary. You may not have known it, but this was the first bath bomb ever created, and it's still as good as ever.

2. Chocomint

Want to feel like your bathing in mint chocolate chip ice cream? Well, Lush is helping you out with that thanks to the new Chocomint bath bomb.

3. Sushi

Some of Lush's bath bombs are certainly paying homage to Japanese culture, and that's probably thanks to a packaging free concept store in Harajuku. Sushi may just be one of the cutest.

4. Geode

Geode gives your bath some sparkle, and if you can't get enough of these trendy rock formations, this bath bomb is perfect for you.

5. Royalty

Obsessed with the royal family? Want to live out your Meghan Markle fantasy? Meet the Royalty bath bomb.

6. Bom Perignon

You'll definitely need to have a bath time glass of champagne or a mimosa when you use this newbie.

7. Black Rose

Want something that'll allow you to embrace your inner goth romantic? This bath bomb is your new go-to.

8. Lucky Cat

Cats! Pink! Glitter! Do you need anything else?

9. Ginger Ninja

Baths are perfect for relaxing, but if you want something to give you energy, Ginger Ninja is it.

10. Groovy Kind Of Love

Can't get enough rainbows in your life? Welcome to Groovy Kind Of Love.

If you want to see the other 44 bath bombs Lush has created for the product's 30th anniversary, head over to the site now, and get ready to the best baths of your life.