A LUSH Bath Bomb Subscription Exists & Here's How To Sign Up

When it comes to LUSH Cosmetics, fans just can't get enough. Lushies — the self-ascribed name of LUSH lovers — love to stock up on the brand's products, especially its most well-known goodie: bath bombs. Now, you can get a bath bomb subscription. Get your credit cards ready so you can ensure that you never run out of a bath bomb again.

As it turns out, the subscription service for LUSH's bath bombs has been around for some time, but with a website update, the option to subscribe is now more visible than ever. Simply find your favorite year-round product, look above the "Add to Basket" button and choose your subscription.

How does it work exactly? The site allows you to customize your subscription by choosing how many products you'll get and how often. If you want 15 bath bombs once a month, or one bath bomb every six months, they're all yours. The minimum subscription time is a product every six months where the most regular option is a monthly LUSH package. If you want to treat yourself, the LUSH subscription is the way to go.

The subscription isn't just for bath bombs, however. If you're obsessed with the brand's shower gels or their shampoo bars, any permanent LUSH product is up for subscription. Why not just create your own magical LUSH basket?


While LUSH's seasonal options are great, the choices you have with the subscription service are permanent for a reason. They're some of the most loved. In fact, two items available for the service were just recently brought back. The Scrubee Body Butter and Sleepy body lotion both returned to LUSH shelves after fan outcry, and now you can get them monthly — or however often you'd like.

There are, of course, some exceptions. LUSH's Fresh Face Masks aren't shippable given their ability to expire quickly if left unrefrigerated for extended periods of time. Don't despair, though, because favorites like Cup O' Coffee and Mask of Magnaminty can be delivered right to your door step.

If you can't have enough LUSH in your life, head over to the website now and sign up for their subscription service. After all, who doesn't want a package that smells like pure happiness delivered to them every month?