Lush Was Named The Most Diverse Beauty Company In The U.S. & It's Just Another Reason To Shop There

Courtesy of Lush

When it comes to beauty brands, some names just naturally stand out, and one of those names is Lush. From its handmade products to its commitment to the environment, there are tons of reasons to shop this brand, Now, though, Forbes has announced Lush is one of the most diverse companies in the United States, and the top beauty brand. It's just another reason why you should be supporting this incredible brand.

Lush has long shown a commitment to not just the environment but also the people it employs and the customers it serves. From their LGBTQ inclusive Valentine's Day campaigns to their work through the Sustainable Lush Fund (or SLush Fund) which helps support ethical sourcing and fair trade, they care about people —and those ethics are reflected in the company itself.

Working with research firm Statistica, Forbes created a list of the most diverse companies in America, and Lush came out on top. For the study, employees were asked questions regarding gender, diversity, ethnicity, and disability just to name a few topics. Plus, the study took into account the breakdown of women in leadership position, and at Lush four out of six executives are women, and in the U.S., 83 percent of workers are women.

Lush has had a commitment to inclusivity for some time now, and it shows in their work. Not only do you see a variety of bodies, genders, sexualities, and abilities in their marketing campaigns, but according to Lush, many times the faces you see in those very campaigns are actually their employees. Who doesn't want to star in their own Lush campaign, right?

Courtesy of Lush

Employees staring in the campaigns, however, is just a small part of what Lush does to promote diversity within their company. If you've used one of their Jelly Face Masks, you may be interested to know that they are inspired by four of Lush's female executives. Each of the masks correspond to one of the women, and it's the perfect way to combine the brand's female leadership with their products.

Of course, there's the brand's LGBTQ inclusive ad campaigns. While you may be seeing 2018's campaign right now, this isn't the brand's first year. They created the same type of inclusive campaign last year as well.

Back in 2015, the brand launched the Gay Is Okay Campaign where it created a soap to be sold in stores and online to benefit LGBTQ organization chosen by Lush Staff, All Out representatives, and LGBTQ activists. The brand was ultimately able to raise $400,000 for the chosen organizations.

Courtesy of Lush

The brand also focuses on ethical sourcing and job creation. The paper used in Lush stores and packaging is actually called khadi, and it's created in India by mostly women. The material is made of recycled cotton rags meaning that no trees are harmed in the creation of the paper material.

Lush has always affirmed that all are welcome in their stores, and the same is clearly true of their company. Lush employees love their employer according to the study by Forbes, and while you may not be searching for a career in the beauty world, the brand's inclusivity and commitment to keeping the company as welcoming as possible is yet another reason to shop Lush products.

If you love handmade goods, ethical sourcing, cruelty free methods, and a workplace that welcomes inclusivity, Lush is basically your new favorite spot to shop. If you want to support the brand, head to the website or your closest store. You're sure to be welcome.