One Of Lush's Most Popular Products Is Finally Available In The US & Omg, It's Everything

Christmas morning has come early for all of you lovers of Lush Cosmetics, fidget spinners, and bubble bath time. Get ready to whip out your phone or park yourself in front of your laptop because Lush's Bubble Spinner is finally available to purchase in North America and omg, it's going to seriously upgrade your tub situation. Like, tremendously.

If you haven't already heard about this internet-breaking product, here's a quick explanation: Lush's Bubble Spinner is a reusable Bubble Bar in fidget spinner form. Yes. You read that right. It's made with yummy citrus ingredients like lemon, lime, and grapefruit oil, so not only is it fun to use, but it's also super great for your skin and overall well-being, too. Trust.

In August, Bustle reported that Lush Cosmetics released the incredible product exclusively through their Lush Kitchen and unsurprisingly, it sold out immediately — within an hour! Fans across the pond were drooling as they watched the video of the spinners in action, knowing that they couldn't get their hands on the Instagrammable bath product quite yet. There was no release date for the United States... until now.

At noon ET, you will be able to purchase Lush's Bubble Spinner on their website. If the UK release was any indication, you're going to want to act fast because this product is sure to sell out immediately.

If you sadly aren't able to get one online or you simply don't want to wait for it to be shipped to you, you can shop the Bubble Spinners in store at all Lush Cosmetics locations on Sept. 18.

Bubble Spinner Reusable Bubble Bar, $6.95,

While this product seems very trendy and undeniably fun, Lush's Bubble Bar is not a passing fad. Don't get it twisted, folks — the Bubble Spinner is here to stay, and here's why, according to Lush Cosmetics themselves.

Lush's Bubble Spinner Can Help Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Everyone knows by now what a fidget spinner's real purpose is. No, it wasn't created to spin on your nose or forehead to get all of the likes on your Instagram. The fidget spinner was made to help people coping with anxiety, stress, ADD, and ADHD. That's exactly what Lush's Bubble Spinner does, but more, thanks to its soothing citrusy ingredients (grapefruit, lemon, and lime), which can help clear your mind. Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the anxiety-reliever!

Lush's Bubble Bar Is Totally Reusable

As mentioned earlier, Lush's Bubble Bars are 100 percent reusable, which means one Lush Bubble Bar will last you up to four uses. Also, according to Lush Cosmetics, the Bubble Spinner uses FSC certified (sustainably-sourced) wood to hold the product together (as opposed to a one-use plastic center). Oh, and it's totally vegan, too — yasss.

Lush's Bubble Bar Is So Freaking Cute

I mean, does this really need further explanation? Lush's Bubble Spinner could arguably be the brand's most photogenic, social media-friendly product ever. Think of all of the pics! The videos! The possibilities for content creation are endless. You should probably buy more than one while you're at it. And maybe some for your friends and family, if you love them enough. The holidays are just around the corner, after all, and who wouldn't want to unwrap up a basket of Bubble Spinners? Just a thought.

Log onto Lush's website at noon ET on Wednesday, Sept. 13, to get Lush's Bubble Spinner ASAP. And if you miss out or want to grab some more, get yourself to a store on Sept. 18. You wont regret it, but you will if you don't snag one.