You'll Either Love Or Hate Lynx's Marmite-Scented Deodorant

The unmistakeable and overwhelming musk of Lynx Africa has long permeated hallways of high schools across the land. And now Lynx' most recognisable scent, impregnated in its body washes, sprays, and of course ubiquitous Christmas box sets has found a new partner in crime. In this instance, crime might well be the operative word because Marmite & Lynx have launched a new range and the mind actually boggles. As a fervent Marmite lover, I'll admit this collaboration might even make me fond of Lynx for the first time in its 25 years of existence.

So what would such a unique combination of well-known brands smell like? Metro reports that the range's scent incorporates layers of white moss, lavandin, sandalwood, cedarwood, and green herbs all rounded off with a salty smack of Marmite. Considering the savoury spread is in fact yeast extract, it's a blessed relief that there's no notes of said fungus in the product's description.

Reviews are slowly surfacing and, judging by Twitter anyway, it seems they're largely positive.

Marmite is much lauded as the spread that you'll "love or hate," so there's definitely a timely social distancing vibe with this new range. In fact, the Independent reports that James Brooks, who's the brand manager over at Lynx, says that they truly believe it "might help in keeping the haters at arm's length."

Marmite isn't thinking outside the box like this from time to time. Previous marriages include Marmite sprouts, Marmite popcorn, Marmite cream cheese/butter, and of course the ingenious creation which was Marmite peanut butter.

There's only one way to find out if you'll love or hate this crazy combination. The Lynx Africa deodorant and body wash are both currently stocked in Superdrug and will cost you £3.65 (spray) and £2.85 (body wash). It will be stocked more widely across the UK from July 1.