MAC Is Going To Start Selling Your Go-To Beauty Tool & You'll Be So Grateful

Beautyblenders have taken over the beauty world by storm, appearing in just about every YouTube tutorial, makeup artist's kit, and bathroom makeup drawer. You would be hard pressed not to meet a makeup lover who hasn't, at the very least, tried one — and for good reason. The squishy sponge helps blend your foundation and concealer almost flawlessly, helping you buff makeup into your face and get into those hard-to-reach edges along your eyes and the corners of your nose. But the one downside of the tool is that it's sometimes hard to find in stores. Well, not anymore.

MAC is selling beautyblenders in 2018, gifting us with an amazing present just as the new year rings in. And the best part is we won't have to wait long to get our lipsticks and beauty sponges all in one place. The collab is happening this week, and beautyblenders will be sold in MAC starting Jan. 4, both online and at select MAC stores. So while you're trying out new highlighters or sampling new lip glosses at the MAC section of the department store, you can also pop over to the beauty sponge display and pick up favorite tools, like the beautyblender Original or the beautyblender Mini, all during the same beauty run. The prices will be the same as the original beautyblender prices, ranging from $16-$20. While some might see the new partnership as a little random, it's really not.

Many people go to MAC to pick up their favorite foundation formulas or concealer secret-weapons. Naturally, they will need a tool to help stipple that onto their face. If a beautyblender is right there, they will be able to grab one on their way to the cashier, which is a pretty savvy business move for the company. And honestly, the more places you can buy the innovative sponge, the better. Three sponges will be available for purchase — check out your options below.

Micro Mini Sponge

beautyblender Micro Mini, $18, Amazon

The baby version of a beautyblender, you might be wondering why you would need the miniature version of the cult-favorite sponge. And the answer is simple: It makes putting on your makeup even easier. While the OG beautyblender makes stippling on foundation a breeze, the mini version helps you get into those hard to reach places, like the corners of your nose and your undereyes. You can also use it to apply cream eyeshadow since it's small enough to maneuver around your lid without creating a mess. And since it's such a compact shape, it's easy to throw the little guy into your makeup bag and use it to touch up your concealer throughout the day, or when you skip the gym and go out to happy hour instead. It's not just a novelty; it's a total work-horse.

Beautyblender Original

beautyblender Original, $19, Amazon

Do you even remember what you did before the invention of the beautyblender? Did you apply your foundation with your fingers, or did you use one of those triangle sponges you could buy by the thousands at CVS? Or did you have a trusted makeup brush that helped you get that flawless finish? But the problem with brushes was you then had to figure out which brand, model, and type was best for spreading your foundation around, and all of that could have been a headache in trial and error.

But then enter the original beautyblender. Made with no edges, it easily fits all the contours of your face and gives you an airbrushed finish (especially when yo dampen it first.) It also works on applying cream blushes, highlights, and shadows, and works magic with powder. Instead of using a brush to swipe on finishing powder, you can use the tip of the sponge to compactly and precisely press powder onto places you want to set or nix shine. You really can't go wrong.

Beautyblender Pro

beautyblender Pro, $19, Amazon

The regular sized sponge in black, the beautyblender Pro was designed for makeup artists and isn't as pointy as the original pink one. It's rounder and fatter, and the black color was made to disguise your darker-colored makeup products, which would stain the pink blender too much. So you can use this with your long-wear foundations, self tanners, or dark eyeshadows.

Whichever product you stock up on, it's pretty cool to know you can now grab it at MAC. The easier it is to buy the blender, the better...