The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About This Macaulay Culkin Photo

Remember Macaulay Culkin, the darling prankster who starred in the Christmas classic Home Alone? Well, 17 years later, the internet has some thoughts about a new photo of Macaulay Culkin that's been gradually making the rounds, and folks, the glow up is real.

Throughout his career, Culkin has road-tested a number of aesthetics over the years. In the early 2000s, he kept his face clean shaven and sported short, coiffed hair. After shrinking back from the spotlight for some time, he re-emerged in 2013 to promote his pizza-themed parody band, The Pizza Undergound. In a viral video tied to the project, he can be seen with a full beard and mustache as well as shoulder-length hair, which he'd later grow out several more inches.

Then, this week brought a new picture of the now-36-year-old star looking quite different: He's cut his hair, started wearing hip glasses, and trimmed his facial hair to the perfect 5 o'clock shadow. Needless to say, people were taken aback, but very here for it. "We going to talk about how good Macaulay Culkin looks lately???? That's a bounce back that deserves hella recognition," wrote a Twitter user named Tara.

And she wasn't the only one: The last few days have been flooded with praise for Culkin's new look.

Some People Wanted To Spread The Love

After this year, we could all use some R&R.

Others Were Inspired


There Were Plenty Of Puns

Hey Culkin, u up?

This Person Gave Credit Where Credit Was Due

He was reportedly spotted with Disney alum Brenda Song.

But Mostly, People Were Thirsty

Let's take several moments, actually.

Whatever you're doing, Culkin, keep at it.