This New "Risk Taker" Palette Was Inspired By Strong Women Getting Sh*t Done

Loving makeup isn't always easy, especially since there is still a lot of stigma surrounding it. People still slide you side eye stares if you put on lipstick in public, it still seems really taboo to wear a smokey eye during the day, and men still get blatant stares if they decide to indulge in a little bit of eyeshadow. Your makeup bag comes with a lot of baggage, but the majority of us still embrace it nevertheless. Which is why MAC's new Girls Risk Taker Palette is so perfect — it embodies strong women getting shit done, and comes in a color scheme that isn't for the faint of heart.

Featuring electric corals, bright magentas, "loud mouth pinks," gunmetal purples, and a healthy dose of shimmers, one could use this palette to either create a subtle daytime look, or go bold and wear something electric in the morning. People come in many multitudes and in a series of different moods, so this palette captures all the different sides of a person.

This palette comes with eight eyeshadows and one highlighter in a champagne pink tone, and it uses the new Pearl formula for its powders, which means it delivers a creamy, silky texture with a bright color payoff.

Going off the theme of girl power and being a brave woman who doesn't care who disapproves of her choices, the names of the shadows reflect that theme.

"Risky Business" is a dark purple grey with a slight magenta and green pearl, and makes you want to be daring; "Dangerously Elegant" is a dark brown with a green and gold pearl, and makes you want to put on a silk slip and wear your hair in a chignon; "Fashion Fanatic" is a bright fuschia shade, and for the trendsetter in all of us; "Outfitted" is a light peach with a silver pearl and would be a great crease color; "Bossing It" is a warm bronze and is perfect for the leader in all of us; "Totally Fierce" is a peachy pink and there for you when you want to make a statement; "Free Ride" is a rosy muted mauve for when you're feeling flirty; and "Totally Obsessed" is a light neutral. The highlighter is named "Let It Rock" and it's a light gold highlighter for when you want to make your cheekbones glimmer.

The palette is a $160 value but retails for $40, and you can get it both at MAC and Ulta. This particular palette is part of MAC Girls series that the brand released in the summer of 2017, which pays tribute to the different personalities we all have, like "Basic Bitch" and "Power Hungry."

"Whether you're a rocking rebel, mischief minx, fashion fanatic, basic bitch, prissy princess, or simply unapologetically power hungry, shout it out," the series' description read.

All those labels corresponded with the nine palettes released, and the Risk Taker collection is the newest addition.

The palette seems to be well received with beauty lovers, where it has 4.5 stars out of 68 reviews. "Great color combination and good intense pigment in a good travel box. All the colors you need to take on a trip," one reviewer wrote.

"I purchased 4 of these palettes and I love how compact they are and how I can mix and match all the colors... It’s like makeup for dummies. I love it!" another person shared.

If you're looking for a compact palette that can give you a variety of bold looks, this might just be it.