Madonna's MDNA Skin May Make Its Way To The U.S.

Madonna's skin always looks so luminous and amazing because duh! She is Madonna — she can afford access to the most innovative methods and products. But did you know that Madonna has her own skincare brand, dubbed "MDNA Skin," which is currently available only in Asian markets? It's a futuristic-looking, luxury brand, a conclusion I came to based on a cursory skim of its Instagram and one that was affirmed as I further poked around on the brand's site.

You cannot directly purchase the products, which include The Skin Rejuvenator, Chrome Clay Mask, The Serum, The Face Wash, The Rose Mist, and The Eye Mask, on the MDNA Skin site.

But there is a pervasive rumor that Madonna's MDNA Skin brand will become available in the U.S. Is it true?

Well, an unlikely source dropped a hint on their own personal Insta. Jerrod Blandino, the Too Faced guru known for sharing "sneaky peeks" of his brand's upcoming launches and wares on his IG, shared one of his fave products, which looked like a squishy ball of some sort but is actually a magnetic face mask. He noted in his caption that it's #ComingToAmericaSoon.

Bustle reached out to MDNA Skin to inquire about its eventual stateside availability.

I am wondering why would Blandino spill these beans. Why is he in the know? I didn't hear it directly from Madge's mouth, so I was skeptical. I did a little recon on Madonna's personal Insta...

.... and found this! The singer teased that the brand is coming to the U.S., as well. The domestic launch is TBD for now. But we can still get visually acquainted with the brand.

MDNA Skin certainly has a sleek and chic vibe.

I love the minimalist yet luxe aesthetic.

The Material Girl certainly has a dedicated enough fanbase that would certainly be interested in the MDNA Skin offerings.

I also peeped the "news" vertical on the brand's site and there is nothing posted about a U.S. launch at this time. Looks like we'll have to wait and see.