Milo Ventimiglia May Have Some Competition

by Courtney Lindley

It's hard to not become emotionally invested in NBC's latest dramatic hit, This Is Us. It's harder to not become emotionally invested in Jack and Rebecca Pearson, the patriarch and matriarch of the show played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, respectively. But, it's hardest to not become emotionally invested in the off-screen friendship of Ventimiglia and Moore. Partly because it's Jack and Rebecca, and partly because their co-star bond seems so authentic. However, in the biggest twist of This Is Us yet, that bond might be unoriginal. If Instagram is to be believed, Moore had a very important Milo in her life prior to Ventimiglia. Shocking, right? More on that in a minute.

This Is Us fans learned early on that the on-screen couple has an origin story that actually takes place in the '80s. (What type of exercise regime Ventimiglia subscribes to in the '80s to be that swole is still unclear.) Jack and Rebecca have been through pretty much every conceivable test a married couple could endure. An unbelievable body that no real dad would have time to obtain, triplet pregnancy, and cupcake stripteases are only the tip of the iceberg. Though their bond is strong on screen, it's also impenetrable off. They're often speaking about how much they enjoy working with each other, and care for one another. But, here's where the twist comes in: Ventimiglia's not the only Milo on Moore's radar.

On Friday, Moore posted a throwback picture to Instagram. In it, she's lying on the floor, cuddling an orange cat. She captioned the image, “Me and the first Milo in my life (named after the movie Milo and Otis, duh). #catsforlife #fbf."

Not to begin a divide that will rock the nation, but which Milo do you think is Moore's favorite? She's spoken out about how much she adores Ventimiglia. She told Entertainment Tonight, "At this point, it's like he's my other half. I saw him this morning and I was like, 'I haven't seen you in three or four days. I miss you!' He's like, 'I know. I miss you, too!'" She's never called Milo the cat "her other half" — at least to my knowledge. But then again, Milo the cat, despite his apparent hesitance in the picture, looks like a pretty good cuddler. I suspect he was also very soft. Two points for Milo the cat.

On The Today Show, Moore said the following about her co-star: "I love Milo so much. He's the greatest partner to have on this journey." In response, he tweeted this:

Alright, that's pretty cute. One point for Ventimiglia. Also, according to a separate Instagram post, Moore calls Ventimiglia "Mi." Did Milo the cat ever get a nickname? Can't say for sure. One more point for Ventimiglia.

Alright, we'll call it a tie. Milo the cat and Milo the human are both equally good Milos for Moore, so no one should feel threatened here. But nothing, and I mean nothing, should ever get between Jack and Rebecca. Looking at you, Miguel.