Mandy Moore Shared A ‘Princess Diaries’ Throwback That Will Make You Miss Genovia So Much

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Sometimes, it's hard to remember that long before Les Misérables and This Is Us, Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore were playing San Francisco high schoolers in a 2001 comedy. People who grew up in '00s America, though, will likely remember The Princess Diaries with fondness, and it looks like its stars do too. Moore shared a Princess Diaries throwback photo commemorating her work on the movie on Thursday, and it's too perfect.

Long before This Is Us' Pearson family brought us to tears on NBC each week, Moore played a decidedly less lovable character in The Princess Diaries. Lana Thomas was Grove High School's queen bee, and she wasn't usually nice to the school's so-called "nerds," which included Mia and her friends. Her bullying eventually led to the movie's iconic ice cream scene, when Mia smears a chocolate cone all over Lana's cheerleading uniform (and the other students start chanting, "Lana got coned").

But even though she played a mean girl on screen, Moore appears to have gotten along well with her costars when the cameras weren't rolling. In the photo she shared on Instagram, Moore posed with Julie Andrews, who played Genovia's Queen Clarisse Renaldi, and Heather Matarazzo, who played Mia's best friend, Lilly Moscovitz. Moore wrote in the caption,

"16 year old me with the inimitable @julieandrews and @heathermatarazzo on the set of #theprincessdiaries. #tbt #thosecurlstho"

There's a lot to see in the photo: the Grove High School uniforms, which apparently included Peter Pan collars and droopy ties; Moore's curls and frosty lip gloss; and, of course, Andrews looking regal. It's hard to believe the movie came out almost 17 years ago.

Moore's character wasn't in the Princess Diaries sequel. But in 2016, the actor shared a little about where she thinks Lana Thomas would be today. She told People's Choice,

"I would like to think she had fallen on some hard time because she was such a terrible person and [that] her karma had come full circle! Maybe she had fallen on hard times and now she's doing something better with her life. Like volunteering, doing some charity work — there's a real about face from her."

As it turns out, Moore isn't the only Princess Diaries cast member who's shared a throwback memory from the movie. Back in August, Hathaway shared an Instagram post wishing Mia a happy birthday and thanking the late director Garry Marshall for his work on the film.

And while Moore doesn't necessarily see a role for her character in a third Princess Diaries movie, that doesn't mean it's totally out of the question. Andrews told BuzzFeed last March that even though Marshall had died, there was still a possibility there might be a third film eventually. "There’s talk about it," Andrews said. "And [Hathaway]'s very keen to do it. I would very willingly and happily do it." She added that the third movie could be "in honor of" the late director.

Plus, Meg Cabot, the author of the book series the movies are based on, told Entertainment Weekly last July that there was talk about a potential third movie being a "tribute" to Marshall. Cabot clarified that any third film would be "more following the movie than the books," as there are a number of discrepancies between the literary Mia's world and the Disney one. Still, until the rumors are officially confirmed, you'll have to settle for the stars' throwback posts and rewatching the original movie.

Moore and Hathaway might be recognized for other projects these days, but there will always be a place for The Princess Diaries in everyone's hearts. And if there is eventually a third movie, you know fans will be here for it.