Manny MUA’s Makeup Line Lunar Beauty Is Coming To Sephora Stores

Not all beauty lovers find shopping online any easier than doing so in person — especially for makeup. So when brands like Lunar Beauty announce a move to Sephora shelves, fans are thankful that the days of making educated guesses on pigments are numbered.

For those not up to speed on the beauty gurus of today, Manny "MUA" Gutierrez is a famed makeup YouTuber who made a name as one of the masculine faces of the beauty community. The influencer turned entrepreneur bossed up big, announcing on Instagram that his makeup line Lunar Beauty is now a Sephora-carried brand.

“You guys... this is one of the craziest, most proud things I’ve ever been able to accomplish in my entire career!" Gutierrez wrote in the heartfelt caption. "I started my makeup journey working at Sephora 6 years ago, and now my brand is in Sephora! Dreams really do come true and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Currently, the Lunar Beauty line consists of 10 products and three bundles, however Gutierrez revealed that only the Life’s a Drag Color Palette and Greek Goddess Palette are being offered on the Sephora website.

Don’t fret quite yet. Swatching the products in store will be possible, but Gutierrez explained further in the Instagram post that he’s “doing something SUPER special for Pride Month” for the in-store launch. If more Pride Month-inspired makeup is coming then all is forgiven for the wait, Manny.

Lunar Beauty's move into Sephora for Pride Month is a true full circle moment for Gutierrez. The social media star first launched the Life's a drag eyeshadow palette in June 2018 to honor the LGBTQA+ community, which Gutierrez has openly been part of. From there, the beauty influencer continued to launch even more products including four Moon Prism highlight powders, the Greek Goddess Highlighter and Color Palettes, and three lip products.

Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Eyeshadow Palette

The Greek Goddess palette features wearable shades in 15 stunning mattes and shimmers. The palette includes a well-balanced mix of warm and cool tones while offering a highly pigmented color payoff.

Lunar Beauty Life's A Drag Palette

The other palette from Lunar Beauty is the Life's A Drag Palette. Also known as the palette that set this launch off. Life's A Drag is the opposite of Greek Goddess as it offers an explosion of bright colors. Fans can expect hues of yellow, hot pink, sky blue, teal, and then even more warmly pigmented shades in this 14-pan eyeshadow palette.

Gutierrez took to his Instagram Stories to share his gratitude on the move to the huge makeup retailer.

"I just want to remind you guys don't give up on yourself don't give up on your dreams don't give up what you want to do with your life even when if feels like it's against you sometimes," Gutierrez said in the Instagram video. "You'll be so grateful to yourself for never giving up on yourself."

Manny's transition from a Sephora associate to infamous beauty vlogger to business extraordinaire is proof that when you reach for the stars, expect to go Lunar.