Marble Hair Is The Hot New Hair Dye Trend

by James Hale

I have fond memories of days gone by, when my elders would tell me the only people with wild colors in their hair were soon-to-be-unemployed people. No, JK. I don't miss those days at all. Instead, I revel in the popularity of unmissable dye trends like "marble hair," which is sweeping up tons of Instagram love thanks to master stylist Ash Fortis.

According to PopSugar, Fortis created the technique because she wanted to bring the aesthetic of marble nail art to hair.

Now, she not only posts snaps of her clients' finished looks on Instagram, but she also posts pregame shots of the custom dye mixes she uses to produce each client's one-of-a-kind 'do. Fortis told PopSugar that she uses foam mesh strips, shaving cream, and Pulp Riot dyes to make the marble formula. Then she "spreads different bright colored dyes on top of the cream and uses the back of her color brush to create marbled, swirled designs on the strip."

Since each strip is hand-swirled, no two dye jobs will look alike, even if Fortis uses the same dye colors on multiple clients.

To apply the dye, Fortis folds the foam strips around sections of hair, and voilà. She has produced some seriously amazing looks with this method, and in a recent Instagram caption said, "I am in love with where I have come with this technique and can't wait to share so much more. I will never stop creating!"

Check out some of her marble dye mixes and completed looks below!

This video shows Fortis' unique process from beginning to end, including swirling the dye, application, and of course the final, incredible look.

For this rainbow look, Fortis combines rainbow marbling with rainbow roots and what she calls "rainbow shine lines." The result is beyond amazing.

Here's a finished mirage marble, aka the perfect blend of neon and pastel.

Judging by fans' enthusiastic responses on her posts — not to mention the just plain irresistible nature of her creations — Fortis will have no problem finding clients who are excited to try whatever she comes up with next.