How To Celebrate Mardi Gras At Work

by Kiersten Hickman

Just because you have to work during Mardi Gras does not mean fun cannot be had. If there are a few others working around and with you on Fat Tuesday, then take the lead and plan your very own office shindig! Sure, you may not be in New Orleans, but you can still give a conference room that festive New Orleans feel thanks to a few simple Mardi Gras office party ideas.

The key to any party is the food, which is why having some classic New Orleans’s dishes is needed. Below you will find recipes for beignets, Cajun tacos, and even a King Cake…because, well, it’s a must at anyMardi Gras party. Can’t have alcohol at the office? Then try making a few mocktails to keep it festive and fun! You can also decorate the place with fringe curtains and Mardi Gras beads, then play some classic New Orleans-style hits. All of the items listed below are cheap to buy, and the food is easy to make and bring in to the office without having to run around the day of.

So don’t be the party pooper of the office this year on Fat Tuesday. Instead, throw a party that will make your co-workers feel appreciated because they, too, are experiencing your pain.


You can’t travel to New Orleans’s and not have one of those delicious beignets. It’s a must, so make it a must at your office party with this recipe by Brown Eyed Baker!

Nojito Mocktails

If your work environment does not encourage alcohol within the office, that shouldn’t mean you can’t make a fun drink! Try this Nojito Mocktail by Taste and Tell that is fizzy, fruity, and certainly a crowdpleaser.

Drink Out Of These Mardi Gras-Themed Cups

Mardi Gras Hurricane Cups (Dozen), $26, Amazon

Step it up a notch from your usual plastic cup game with these festive hurricane cups for your mocktails! They come in sets of 12.

Mardi Gras Straws

Mardi Gras Straws (25 pack), $7, Amazon

It’s not really a party without festive paper straws, right? These Mardi Gras straws have the three festive colors — purple, green, and gold — to keep stepping up your mocktail game.

Cajun Shrimp Tacos

Cajun food is a huge traditional Mardi Gras food in New Orleans, so why not set up a taco bar with some delicious Cajun shrimp by Half Baked Harvest?Make the shrimp dish in advance to heat it at work, then set it up with some tortilla shells, cheese, and avocado!

King Cake

Serving King Cake is a huge Fat Tuesday tradition, so be sure to have this iconic dish by Joy the Baker at your office party! You have to also shove a plastic baby within the cake to make sure you can crown a king of the party — aka, the person who is throwing next year’s office party.

King Crown

King Crown, $3, Amazon

For the person who is crowned King of Mardi Gras at the office!

Fringe Curtain

Fringe Curtain, $12, Amazon

A very simple and cheap way to turn a drab conference room into a festive fiesta!

Mardi Gras Beads

Mardi Gras Beads (100 piece), $22, Amazon

Mardi Gras needs beads, right? Toss a few out during your work party to get the festivities going!

Make A Badass Playlist

When it comes to music, New Orleans has its own little world. Its musical identity has been evolving over hundreds of years. Make sure to play some of those traditional Mardi Gras jams such as The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Michael White, and much more.