Here's Why Margaret Pushed Marty Into The Pool On 'RHONJ'

Tonight's Real Housewives of New Jersey finale will go down in reality TV history. Hopefully, Marty Caffrey learned a lesson: don't mess with The Marge. Margaret pushed Danielle Staub's husband into a pool during the RHONJ finale, and in all honesty, it's the perfect summation of the season. Everyone is done with the Danielle (and Marty) drama. Well, except for Teresa Giudice. She is the one remaining member of #TeamDanielle.

Ironically enough, Marty and Danielle are in the middle of a divorce right now, so watching him avidly "defend" Danielle is just all sorts of awkward. Not to mention that his "defense" of Danielle involved putting down Margaret's personal appearance. To call it cringe-worthy doesn't even do it justice. Not only that, but he took many digs at Margaret's expense in conversation with her husband Joe Benigno. Nothing about that is remotely acceptable. Neither is shoving a grown man into a pool at a cocktail party, but this is Paramus. Things like this happen.

Before the finale push, Joe Gorga tried to get Joe Benigno and Marty to talk out their differences, but Marty really came in hot. No one could blame Benigno for asking Marty to apologize for what he said about his wife. However, Marty retorted that Joe was "jealous." Jealous of what, you as?? Marty claimed, "You stare at Danielle's t*ts because your f*cking wife doesn't have any. She doesn't have the body Danielle has."

This wasn't even the first time that Marty made such crass comments about Margaret's looks. During Milania Giudice's listening party, Marty theorized on camera, "I think Marge is jealous because she's threatened by her. There's no reason for Danielle to be jealous of Margaret. There's nobody that looks better than her." Marty even declared, "Margaret doesn't want to walk into a room with Danielle because no one will look at Margaret." So it's understandable that Margaret and her husband were riled up.

During the finale episode, Margaret asked Marty, "What man would say that about somebody else's wife?" In response, Marty claimed that he was "promoting the beauty of my wife" and Margaret cut him off and added, "by insulting another woman." Exactly. How does that make any sense? It doesn't. Joe Benigno told Marty, "You say sh*t about my wife, you're done." Marty responded with, "When you go home tonight, she's going to bitch slap you." Then he turned to Margaret and yelled, "You emasculate him."

And then she shoved him into the pool. No one could believe that it actually happened, but the move was nothing short of epic.

Not only that, but it was just a long time coming. Margaret started out the season trying her best to be a good friend to Danielle. Instead of reciprocating, Danielle questioned everything Margaret did.

When Margaret said she was attending Dolores Catania's party without her, Danielle had the nerve to comment, "What do you two really have in common? You cheated on your husband and she got cheated on?" Somehow, Margaret was able to let go of that remark and she continued to be a dutiful bridesmaid in Danielle's wedding party.

When Margaret went out of her way to throw nice wedding events for Danielle, Danielle just demanded the most expensive gifts and didn't express an ounce of gratitude. She even snapped at Margaret for coming in with wet hair to get ready for the wedding itself. Meanwhile, Margaret blow dried her own hair to fix the problem. Was Danielle just looking for a problem with Margaret this season? It sure did seem like it.

During the cast trip in Mexico, Danielle told Margaret that her kids are "never with her" and made other harsh accusations about Margaret's family dynamics, which is a famously touchy subject with Marge. This prompted Margaret to throw Dolores' red wine in Danielle's face. That was the nail in the coffin of their friendship. And for some reason, Marty just wanted to hammer that nail in as hard as he could during the finale.

The demise of their friendship has been tough to watch. Margaret was uncomfortable. Danielle was uncomfortable. The viewers were uncomfortable (albeit entertained at some points). Nevertheless, the tension was mounting all season long. Did that push put an end to the drama? Or did it just set the stage for Danielle vs. Margaret Round 9,383 at the Season 9 reunion? Will Marty come through with a vengeance? Or is he done with the show the way he's done with his marriage? Things are definitely not over yet.