This 'BB19' Eviction Has Some Serious Upsides


It's arguably the least surprising season ever, so it's equally unsurprising that the house evicted Mark from Big Brother 19. This was definitely the most predictable outcome since Christmas made it clear that her objective for the week was to hit Mark with that backdoor nomination right from the beginning of her reign. When Jason won that Power of Veto and took himself off the block, it was pretty much a given that Mark would get sent home after Christmas put him up against Matt.

There was some chatter that the house guests could just eliminate Matt this week instead of next week and Mark campaigned his hardest, but to no avail. Considering that Mark has proven to be a competition beast, it was just too risky leaving him around for another week. Or everyone was just too scared to go against Paul's plan as the puppet master of the house. Yes, it's Christmas' week as Head of Household, but everyone knows that Paul is the one really calling the shots.

Mark talked about watching the show with his mom before she passed away and he said that he knew "she was watching over him," and he left the game with grace and class — which is all you can ask for on a show like this in a season this predictable.

On the bright side, Mark gets to join Elena in the jury house. And, now he gets to use his power to vote against whoever he feels screwed him over the most at the end of the season. Plus, he is getting paid for making it to jury, so there are definitely at least some bright sides to getting evicted from the house. And, now, he doesn't have to be surrounded by Paul's puppets or Josh's pots and pans anymore.