'Big Brother' Showmance Mark & Elena Are Heating Up

Monty Brinton/CBS

Despite having only known each other for a month, no showmance on Big Brother 19 seems as comfortable with each other as Elena and Mark. They're almost always by each other's sides, openly cuddling and often flirty. While these two have not been shy about their attraction to each other, if Mark and Elena hooked up in the Big Brother house, it'd be a surprise to everyone except themselves.

BB19 has been a popular year for intimate showmances. It seemed like Cody and Jessica had something go down under the covers, and Matt and Raven are suspected to have hooked up, but there's no concrete word on whether or not Mark and Elena have taken the next step and had sex in the Big Brother house. While Mark and Elena's flirty personalities may make it seem like they are having a physical relationship, they could actually be saving a more intimate hookup for when the cameras are gone. Then again, Mark and Elena may just be good at sneaking in moments when the cameras aren't looking and haven't been talking about any encounters they've had while inside of the house. It's impossible to know at this point.

Mark and Elena are very openly flirtatious with each other, but that doesn't mean they're willing to have their sex lives broadcast. If being on camera is a major obstacle for Mark and Elena, they there is one situation that the two could end up in to make sure they finally get some alone time — the jury house.

The jury house is not the ideal place to end up when playing Big Brother — it means that you've lost, but it also means that you'll have a say in which houseguest goes home with half a million dollars. What's more important is that you are housed with fellow houseguests, but not under the constant sight of cameras. This means that if Elena and Mark can both manage to get placed in the jury house, then they'll be able to finally enjoy some privacy.

Being able to privately act on sexual tension may not be better than half a million dollars, but it is a nice consolation prize. These two may not even need privacy from the cameras and will be willing to take that showmance to the next level once one of them wins an HoH and gets access to the private HoH bed. The early days in the Big Brother house are the sprouting moments of many an attraction, but also offer the least amount of alone time. Once this showmance has the space they need to be comfortable, anything could happen.