Mark Ruffalo Addressed *Those* Noah Centineo Comparisons In A Hilarious Way

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There may have been another boy you loved before who looked an awful lot like Peter Kavinsky. Actor Mark Ruffalo addressed those Noah Centineo lookalike comparisons in the most complimentary way, during his March 13 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "I wish I was that good looking," the 51-year-old Marvel's Avengers star quipped of the 22-year-old actor.

After Ruffalo joked to Fallon that the To All the Boys I've Loved Before heartthrob "might be able to play my dad one day," Centineo responded on Twitter the next day with the most endearing and simple tweet: "Son?"

It wasn't the first time Centineo had heard about the comparison either. During Ruffalo's Tonight Show interview, Fallon played a clip of the young actor talking about his so-called doppelgänger. "Casting directors always compare me to him," Centineo said in the video. "I even think I am Mark Ruffalo, and space and time is just a weird thing that we can't understand."

With that, a flattered Ruffalo took another opportunity to show that he finds Centineo just as attractive as everyone else does. "He's way better looking than I was. Are you kidding me? I wish I looked like that, I swear to god," he told Fallon. "Noah, you're doing way better than me, pal. I wished I was you."

To prove a point, Fallon magically produced a Twitter photo of Ruffalo from his awkward teen years — sporting a mouth full of braces — for a side-by-side comparison. Joked the actor: "Look at that, there's no teeth. It's just all braces. That's what it used to be like. I'd go swimming and sink to the bottom of the pool." (Ruffalo also copped to a "major actor of rebellion," admitting he eventually removed the braces himself with a pair of pliers, much to his mother's dismay.)

The hilarity continued to ensue the next day when Ruffalo posted a shirtless black and white photo of Centineo on social media with the caption, "#TBT."

To All the Boys author Jenny Han even quickly took note of Ruffalo's supposed throwback herself, responding in her own tweet with the amazing hashtag, "#ToAlltheHulksIveLovedBefore."

Of course she was referencing Ruffalo's Marvel character, and the actor reluctantly agreed to talk a bit about Avengers: Endgame, which will hit theaters on April 26 — hooked up to a lie detector no less. That is, of course, because he spoiled the super-secretive title of Avengers: Infinity War during another Tonight Show appearance last year.

"Yeah, I got in a lot of trouble ... And you thought it was funny, "ha-ha-ha,"" he told the late night host. "Next thing I know, [Avengers: Endgame co-director] Joe Russo has fired me on Twitter."

After Marvel released the official Avengers: Endgame poster with Ruffalo right in the center, the actor joked on Twitter, "So I wasn't fired??? #AvengersEndgame."

Adding to Fallon that producers are keeping him apart from Tom Holland (AKA Spider-Man), who also caught flack for possibly dropping Avengers spoilers, Ruffalo said he is now paired with costar Chris Evans for interviews.

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"I can just sit there and be beautiful," Ruffalo joked of Evans. "He's amazing at everything. ... He's tight-lipped. He's Captain America. I'm just Bruce Banner."

At least fans know that, should Ruffalo ever decide to end his time as The Hulk, Centineo could step right into the role.