Martha Stewart-Themed Cruises Are A Thing Now — Here's How You Can Book One

MSC Cruises

In terms of niche markets and specific news stories, this is about as niche as it gets. Have you ever been looking at booking a cruise and thought, "This looks great, but if only it had more of a famous homemaker vibe?" No? Me neither. But apparently some people have — because Martha Stewart cruises are now a thing. No, not a cruise with Martha Stewart, but a new partnership between the Big M (not a real nickname) and one the world's biggest cruise companies.

That's right, you can head to the seven seas (or at least some of the seas) with a glory of the famous domestic goddess putting the wind into your sails. MSC Cruises and Martha Stewart are collaborating on excursions themed "Celebration, Discover, Experience."

What makes a cruise Martha Stewart-approved? Well, the company is promising exclusive Martha Stewart and MSC Cruises Excursions which are focused around Stewart's love of travel, as well as holiday dinner menus and recipes inspired by Stewart's family traditions. So think authentic on-shore explorations, mixed with some good Martha Stewart-style cooking. If you really want to take the Martha Stewart-iness up a notch, you can also get Martha Stewart Celebration Surprise Packages on board. These include personalized letters from Martha Stewart along with recipe cards — and they can also included wine, photo frames, and tote bags to really remember your Martha Stewart experience. Perfect for ... I don't know, your aunt who you never know what to get for her birthday?

“I’ve always enjoyed introducing people to new experiences, and I’m thrilled to be working with MSC Cruises on a partnership that embodies the true celebratory nature of travel, exploration and discovery,” Martha Stewart said in a press release. “The excursions showcase some of my favorite activities and help MSC Cruises’ guests discover some of the authentic and hidden treasures of destinations throughout the Caribbean. The holiday dinner menus and surprise gift packages encompass what I believe celebrations should include: good food, good company and commemorating great adventures and inspiration wherever we are.”

MSC Cruises is a company with European heritage (fancy) expanding into the North American market — and a Martha Stewart cruise sounds very American indeed. MSC Cruise guests "curious travelers who seek learning opportunities and are looking for authentic experiences that help them travel like a local," so if you're looking for a mix of cruise and local-style exploration, this might be the one for you.

The Big M's cruises will be starting on June 1 and these Martha Stewart-themed itineraries will be available on the MSC Seaside and MSC Armonia, heading to destinations including San Juan, Puerto Rico; Nassau, Bahamas; Philipsburg, Saint Maarten; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; George Town, Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; Costa Maya, Mexico; and Roatan Island, Honduras. You can book on the MSC Cruises website.

Cruise ships are definitely a love-them or hate-them vacation choice. Some people love going on cruises so much they actually choose to live on a cruise ship (really), while others prefer a little more control over their holidays. And people feel the same way about Martha Stewart. Some people aren't really interested, while others worship her domestic ways — and her new career twists, like a line of CBD products for pets. They love her friendship with Snoop Dog and weird egg cooking hacks. But do the people love Martha Stewart enough to head out on a cruise collaboration with her name on it? Only time will tell. The option's there, if you want to take it.