Matt Smith Suggested Selena Gomez Play Meghan Markle On ‘The Crown’ & No One Is Into It

On Thursday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, The Crown stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith sat down to discuss the show and the British monarchy. In response to a caller's question, Matt Smith said Selena Gomez should play Meghan Markle on The Crown, when the two were asked who should play the newly-engaged Markle and Prince Harry on the Netflix drama. But, it's safe to say fans aren't exactly into the idea.

The two actors loved the caller's question and had some fun with their answer on Andy Cohen's show. Smith said that Gomez should be the one to play the soon-to-be royal. After his suggestion, Foy did say, "You love Selena Gomez." So, that's probably why he named the singer. He then said, with a chuckle, "She's playing Meghan Markle." But, then added, "No, no" as they laughed it off.

The Crown depicts Queen Elizabeth II and her family during her long reign as the British monarch. The first two seasons of the series show the queen during her younger years at the beginning of her reign. Although, the second season is the last for Foy and Smith in their roles as Elizabeth and Prince Philip, respectively, the show will continue on the streaming service. (Another actor, Olivia Colman, has already been cast to portray the monarch during the third and fourth seasons of the show, as reported by TVLine.) So, it stands to reason that in a later season, the queen's grandson Harry and his soon-to-be bride could be featured. Could the former Disney star be the one to portray Markle? Seeing as though Smith was just making a fun suggestion, probably not.

Even though Smith was joking around with his Gomez casting suggestion, some Twitter users couldn't help but voice their disagreement with Gomez ever being an options. Many of those users pointed out that she's simply not the right choice because Markle is half African-American and half white and Gomez has white and Mexican roots.

The Wrong Choice

One user put it simply and said that the actor/singer shouldn't play Markle because "Meghan is black and Selena is not, DUH!"

Not Here For It

One user replied to an E! report about Smith's comments and said that the show should "get a black actress" to portray Markle.

Over This Suggestion

One user replied to Entertainment Tonight's report of Smith's comments with a gif of Issa Rae that says a lot about how they feel about Gomez as Markle. They're definitely not into it.


One user kept it simple with a gif of Porsha Williams from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and said that Gomez as Markle would really be a "reach."

Just Confused

Another user was pretty confused by Smith's suggestion, probably because, as previously stated, Gomez and Markle aren't the same race and look nothing alike.

Fan Of Gomez, Not The Possible Casting

This fan kept it real. They're a fan of Gomez, but they also understand that she isn't the right choice to ever play Markle.

The Emoji Says It All

Another user was also confused by it and highlighted the same issue many others brought up. And their emoji sums up their confusion by it.

Not The Right Person

This user said that Gomez is "not the right women" [sic] to be Markle on The Crown because it would be "too controversial."

Nope Nope Nope

User "TBreezy" replied to the E! report, as well, and sarcastically said, "where oh where could we find one" in reference to getting someone who was actually African-American to portray Markle.

Maybe Think Again

Another person questioned the choice and asked their followers, "but they aren't even the same race?!" in reference to the news.

Gomez is probably not going to portray Markle on The Crown, much to the pleasure of some fans out there. Maybe Mariah Smith, writer and noted Kardashian expert, had the best casting suggestion when she tweeted out that KJ Apa and Zendaya could jump into the roles of Harry and Markle come a later season on The Crown:

A+ casting, honestly. The Crown producers, take note!