Matthew McConaughey Has A Brother Named Rooster & He's Also Famous

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some famous Hollywood families can't stay out of the spotlight, but A&E's Rooster & Butch might be introducing you to a dynasty you didn't know existed before. Matthew McConaughey's brother Mike 'Rooster' McConaughey has a new show, and the Texas oil pipe salesman is extremely successful and actually pretty well-known. The brothers also sound quite a bit alike as well, which should be fun for McConaughey fans.

According to his official A&E bio, the middle McConaughey made his first million dollars at only 30 years old — and lost it all only one year later. He believes in taking bold risks, and his life and business experience has taught him everything he needs to be a successful self-made millionaire. He made an empire from rusted oil pipe, and now additionally runs an investment group with Butch. According to Wayne "Butch" Gilliam's official bio, he started off running his father's fishing tool and repair shop and also became successful in the used pipe industry.

As for McConaughey, "In addition to being an active investor in the entertainment industry," the A&E bio reads, "Rooster also has a successful hand in many other business ventures such as technology, consumer products, ranching, real estate, water, corn, and oil."

The new series is kind of like Shark Tank (sound department: Robyn Gerry-Rose) in that the two business partners are looking for and accepting new investment opportunities, but, according to a promo, is conducted mostly via voicemail pitches rather than panel presentations. The show is about Rooster and Butch, and the focus stays on them.

This isn't even the McConaughey brother's first television show. Rooster and Butch, his business partner, were previously the subject of a similar series with a similar premise on CNBC called West Texas Investors Club (co-executive producer: Lisa Flecher). So plenty of audience members will be coming in to this show with a good idea of who Rooster is already.

McConaughey also appeared as himself on the docuseries Black Gold (producer: Lauren Dascher) in 2008 for an interview. He is also, in fact, somewhat of an actor himself. Though he does not have nearly as many credits as his brother Matthew, Rooster was an extra in The Newton Boys (editor: Sandra Adair) and will appear in the upcoming The Iron Orchard (associate producer: Anne Fleitas) as YY Pucketts.

According to the Sam Roberts' Show radio show, he also has a son named Miller Lyte so that he can take "Miller Light" everywhere, even to church. That is not a joke, Miller Lyte McConaughey is a person that exists in our world. Rooster's younger daughter is Margarita Olympia, but that's a family name, according to the radio interview. His wife told Rooster that he wasn't allowed to name their girl, and the boozy connection is a coincidence.

Still, you won't see him hitting the red carpet that often. “I definitely don’t fit in," McConaughey said in a 2015 interview with HollywoodLife about attending awards shows and after parties with his Academy Award-winning sibling. "That’s pretty noticeable. Even in the Armani suit you can tell it’s me. I feel fine. Well, I do fit in — it’s just that I’m talkative regardless of where I am. Could be a truck stop or the Academy Awards, so it’s all the same. So I just walk up to them and say, ‘Hey, way to go!'”

Whether you're just now learning that Matthew McConaughey has a successful older brother with a fascinating story or have been following this family for a while, this new A&E series looks fun. Rooster is slightly less relaxed and his business sense puts out a different vibe than what we're used to from the family name, but they definitely have equal amounts of charm.