You Can Apply To Be A Paid “Snoozetern” At This Mattress Company


Do you love sleeping? Since you obviously answered “yes,” because sleep is the best thing on earth, I have one heck of a job listing for you: Mattress Firm is hiring a “Snoozetern” — that’s a paid, part-time intern role where you’d literally get to test beds and complete other sleep-related assignments in Mattress Firm’s Houston, Texas, “BEDQuarters.” Say it with me now: you can apply to be a “Snoozetern” this summer because dreams really can come true.

“Typically, catching z’s at work is frowned upon, but if you are the next Snoozetern, it’s part of the job,” Mattress Firm’s website advertising the role reads. Can you believe?!

According to Mattress Firm’s website advertising the role, they’re looking for a candidate who’s “passionate about sleep and comfort” and “proficient in napping, regardless of time of day.” You also need to be at least 18 years old, and have the ability to commute to the company’s “BEDQuarters” in Houston starting Aug. 15. Being proficient in video editing software is also a plus, since the person eventually selected for this job will be tasked with creating social content all geared around sleep. The job description also includes hosting Facebook Live events about your favorite sleep tips and tricks. Does this not sound like the ultimate *ahem* dream job? I don’t even need to get punny for this one; you can understand my excitement that this is a thing.

“We are searching for someone who can put their rest to the test,” the application website states. “If you think you’re a slumber star, apply to sleep on the job as our in-house bed tester, testing the best of the best mattresses.” Hi, can this be me? Even though I have a full-time job where I get to *write* about sleep all the time, it’s not exactly the same as embarking on a career of professional mattress testing, which sounds beyond delightful.

You can rest assured that I won’t be throwing my hat into this particular ring, but if you are looking for a 20-hour a week paid intern role in the ever-growing sleep industry, you can apply to the position through July 23 by creating a “fun and engaging” 60-second video about why you would be the best Snoozetern. “We want to hear why you are the ‘nap queen’ or learn about your ability to snore the alphabet,” says the application website. Maybe you have an uncanny ability to remember all your dreams, or you’re known among all your friends as the go-to expert for fixing sleep woes, or you have myriad other sleep-related talents. Mattress Firm wants to hear about it.

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Internships can be a bit of an unpredictable business. There’s the business of applying for them and standing out among a sea of incredibly qualified applicants, then making sure the internship is actually worth your time — meaning, you’re actually learning skills you can continue to use as you grow in your career. Finding an internship (and a paid internship at that!) that allows you to do all that while also contributing to the pursuit of a good night’s sleep? Dreams on dreams.

If you think you might be a fit for the Snoozetern position, head over to Mattress Firm’s website and start brainstorming your sleep talents for your application video. Honestly, there’s literally nothing better than sleeping — there was a period of time in my adult life where I would aim for 10 hours a night — and a job devoted to everything around sleep couldn’t be more necessary. Best of luck to all you sleepyheads out there.