Max Greenfield Explained His Delightful Father-Daughter Home School Videos

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Quarantine has forced people around the world (including celebrities) into weird, unexpected situations they were not prepared for, including becoming teachers. Max Greenfield explained those father-daughter quarantine videos he's been posting on Instagram. You know, the ones where he attempts to home-school his daughter Lilly as they're both stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, but her witty one-liners and pure sass completely throw him off.

The videos have quickly become fan favorites, a small escape from the day-to-day in quarantine. And, in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight published on Monday, April 13, the New Girl alum said that the videos were also his and Lilly's way of coping with their new dynamic. "We were so abruptly thrown into this situation and the task of having to be my daughter's teacher was so overwhelming that it immediately was hilarious," he explained. "I think as a coping mechanism for both of us, I've been documenting this."

The antics that he has documented thus far include Lilly dragging her dad for drinking and using drugs in high school, telling him to scram while she uses study time to watch Dance Moms (relatable), and using Dua Lipa as empowerment to diss his vocal skills.

Other videos saw Greenfield try to explain Netflix show Tiger King in a way she would understand (it is about a zoo, I guess), and an attempt to recreate Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect song "Cups" that quickly and hilariously went awry. He's doing so bad at asserting authority that even his wife Tess has threatened to take over home-schooling duties, as per Yahoo.

Thankfully (for us, at least), he and his daughter's excellent comedic adventures are here to stay. Despite being the victim of Lilly's sharp comebacks, Greenfield said that his new job as substitute teacher is bringing them closer together in quarantine — even if he's not sure what's supposed to come out of this.

"It's going really well and I think that's one of the reasons why we're able to really have fun and make these videos and have fun with the whole thing, because we're enjoying ourselves and it breaks up the day," he explained. "I don't know that I'm at the place where I know what I've learned yet. I'm still sort of figuring that out. I think we're at the beginning of a lengthy journey and I guess we'll see where we end up."

Here's hoping that Greenfield never sends Lilly back to school when the pandemic is over. This sort of entertainment should never stop.

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