Scorpio, Here's Your May 2020 Horoscope

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May 2020 Horoscope: Scorpio
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You’re recounting your childhood experiences, and perhaps you’re growing to understand yourself in a different light, Scorpio. You’re the master of transformation, ruled by Mars, you are always burning and releasing previous versions of yourself. With Venus in Gemini within your house of shared resources and intimacy, expect to have enjoyable conversations that enhance your life in surprising ways. Now is the time to take advantage of your network. With Sun, Mercury and Uranus conjunct in your house of close relationships, you might receive an unexpected offer or unconventional commitment from someone in your inner circle. On May 13, your ruler Mars enters the sign of Pisces, ushering in a magical undertone in your life. Don’t be afraid to escape if you need some space to clear your mind.

What May 2020 Has In Store For Scorpios' Relationships

Venus in Gemini will provide you with a different perspective regarding your close relationships — both platonic and romantic. You might find exactly what you’ve been asking for all this time, all you have to do is decide if you like it. Venus in Gemini thrives on curiosity and communication, and within your house of transformation and death, it’s likely you’re going to transform the way you communicate yourself with others. Sometimes you can get so caught up on the worst possible outcome, Scorpio. Focus on enjoying the moment, because the moment is all we ever really get to have.

Tarot Card of the Month

Death: Growth isn’t always easy; it’s OK to mourn what was lost in the process.

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