Taurus, Here's Your May 2020 Horoscope

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May 2020 Horoscope: Taurus
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Taurus, being stuck in your own ways will only get you so far this month. Your ruler Venus is in the sign of Gemini for the next few months, which means you’re going to have a huge need for communication and clarity in the upcoming months. Venus will be taking up space within your house of values and possessions, so avoid overdoing it with ordering food and online shopping. Aside from deepening your appreciation for the things and people within your life, you’ll also find that May will be the source of unexpected and unconventional personal growth. For many of you, there are a lot of professional opportunities coming your way, too. Venus is providing you with the exceptional power to wield your communication skills. Be sure to take your time and communicate your needs, May looks like an extremely reviving month for you.

Happy Birthday, Taurus!

What May 2020 Has In Store For Taureans' Relationships

Now is the time to FaceTime, call, and ensure that you’re reaching out to your loved ones. You may find that social distancing allows you to focus on your dreams. You might be using social distance to focus on your personal development, but keep in mind that your creativity is intensely enhanced when you allow others into your goal-making process. "Identify what you need from others, communicate your needs, and let the people in your life know that you appreciate their labor — the sweetness only enhances when you share a wealth of love with others." Perhaps you should consider reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, it might help you better understand how to deal with four months of Gemini in Venus.

Tarot Card of the Month

The Star: There’s so much hope on the horizon, so keep following what feels good.

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