McDonald's Brought The Shamrock Shake Back Earlier Than Ever & Dropped A New McFlurry

McDonald's Shamrock Shake is coming back earlier than you might think.

We are quickly approaching Valentine’s Day, which means that Shamrock Shake Season is nigh. No need to spend your days wondering when McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is coming back in 2020 because the minty gods have smiled upon us. As announced Wednesday, Feb. 5, McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is coming back earlier than you might expect: Wednesday, Feb. 19. Yes, in just two weeks, you can be sipping on that glorious green drink with nary a care in the world.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Shamrock Shake. Our sweet St. Patrick's Day dessert is turning half a century! Should we ring bells? Throw confetti? Have our daily dose of Shamrock Shake until it goes away once again? Let’s go with all of the above.

In honor of the dessert’s semi-centennial, McDonald’s is putting a twist on the classic shake: Oreos. The twist is Oreos. As if you thought the Shamrock Shake couldn't get any better, this year you’ll be able to get it as the new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. The shake-McFlurry mash-up features the creamy, vanilla soft-serve, and the iconic Shamrock flavor— which is like a muted version of mint — you've come to know and love. Plus, it's blended with Oreo cookie pieces for a mint chocolatey treat. Thin Mints could not not be reached for comment at this time.

“We’ve been serving the iconic, cult-favorite Shamrock Shake for 50 years and it’s become synonymous with McDonald’s ever since,” said McDonald’s Vice President of Menu Innovation Linda VanGosen. “We’re excited to serve up a new way to experience the one-of-a-kind Shamrock flavor in our new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. Our chefs worked to get the perfect balance of Oreo cookies and mint for this new delicious dessert. We can’t wait for customers to get a taste this spring.” You’re telling me... there are chefs... who specialize in McFlurries? And they say dream jobs don’t exist.


For the first time since 2017, the Shamrock Shake will be available nationwide. No need to pack your bags and cross state lines in search of the dessert. If you don’t want to leave your McDonald’s drive-thru disappointed, there is even a Shamrock Shake finder app that will lead you to the minty treat you seek.

“Every year customers eagerly await the return of the Shamrock Shake — and over the past five decades, getting a sip of this green legend has become a seasonal tradition for many,” said McDonald’s Archivist Mike Bullington. “The shake’s unique history and wide spread passion for this menu item has qualified the Shamrock Shake as a beloved cultural icon. We feel lucky to have such dedicated Shamrock fanatics, and hope to continue the legacy of this legendary treat for many more years to come.” You’re also telling me... that “McDonald’s Archivist”... is a real title someone can have? As someone with extensive french fry research, I feel prepared for that role.

Just T-minus fourteen days until you can start double-fisting Shamrock Shakes and Oreo Shamrock Shake McFlurries. If there is a world in which that is a full-time job, I'd like to go to there.