McDonald's Are Giving Out Free Veggie Wraps Right Now & Claiming Yours Is SO Easy


One of the best parts of the working day is going out to grab yourself a treat at lunch time. It breaks up the day, gives you something to look forward to, and gets you through the afternoon. And, let’s be honest, the best kind of treat at lunch time is a free lunch. But how often does that happen? To coincide with National Vegetarian Week McDonald's are giving out free veggie wraps to app users and this spicy veggie snack is not a lunch time freebie that you want to miss. You have no excuse not to treat yourself to lunch out of the office this week and it isn’t like your bank balance will suffer.

Spicing up your lunch time literally couldn’t be easier than going and claiming your free veggie wrap using the McDonald's app. The snack, which usually costs £3.49 on the McDonald's menu, is filled with delicious goujons made out of tomato, red pepper, yellow split peas, sundried tomato pesto, olive oil, Arborio rice, and tomato paste. Alongside the goujons there is salad and spicy relish all in a tortilla wrap. It sounds like the things that lunch time dreams are made out of.

If this is the kind of thing you need this lunch time in order to make it to your mid-afternoon meetings, all you have to do is download the McDonald's app. It doesn’t matter if you are a long-time user and lover of the McDonald's app or have just downloaded it to claim your free wrap. It can be found in the app store and, once downloaded, you can claim your free veggie wrap by going to the Deals section and tapping claim.

The spicy vegetable wrap was introduced on Jan. 3 as McDonald's extended its vegetarian menu to be far more expansive and inclusive. It was added alongside a veggie burger and happy meal version of the wrap for children. Coming in easy-to-carry packaging, this wrap is the perfect change up to your usual lunchtime routine and very easy to take with you on the go.

This deal will be running from May 13 to midnight on May 17, which marks National Vegetarian Week. So you better be quick if you want to get your hands on this freebie. The free spicy veggie wraps will be available after 10.30 a.m. and you will need to be over 16 to claim yours. You don’t have to buy any other food and drinks with your wrap but do check your local McDonald's is running the deal. You can do this by looking at the participating restaurants tab under the deal. The worst thing is getting your hopes up to have them dashed.

It could be argued that this is McDonald’s way of fighting back after Burger King gave away free Whoppers but, I have to say, you won’t catch me complaining. The free spicy vegetable wrap will be available to claim on the McDonald's app until midnight on May 17 so make sure you grab yours while you can.