Some McDonald’s Locations Are Serving Chicken Nuggets For BREAKFAST

McDonald's changed the way we do fast food when they started serving breakfast all day, and now they've made another move to satisfy hungry customers' tastebuds all day long. McDonald's is serving chicken nuggets for breakfast, according to Mashable, in addition to the Big Mac, french fries, Quarter Pounder, and regular cheeseburger. As of right now, it's a trial run, and there's one huge catch: it's only happening in Australia. They're starting in Victoria and Tasmania, to test the waters, and if it goes well, it'll roll out to the rest of Australia.

Creating "All Day Favourites" and making certain items available before 10:30 a.m. "is something they've been asking us to do for quite some time," said Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing at McDonald’s Australia, according to Yahoo. And can you blame them? We've all had those late nights (or early mornings?) when we've woken up hung over at 4 A.M. or worked a weird shift at 2 A.M. and thought, "Yo, I could really go for some McNuggets right now."

If this trial run is successful, could all-day burgers and nuggets travel stateside and make all of our wildest dreams come true? No word on that from McDonald's quite yet, but a gal can hope.

This isn't the first time McDonald's has expanded their menu times. As soon as news hit that brekky would be served all day, it was hard to remember a time when we couldn't chow down on McMuffins 24/7. It turns out, though, there's a legit reason why the McD's menu hasn't always been so flexible. On McDonald's UK's question and answer forum, someone once posted asking why they couldn't do a 24-hour breakfast menu. McDonald's responded, saying, "The breakfast menu is cooked at a different temperature from our main menu and therefore we would have to install dedicated grills in all restaurants. Apart from the cost there is simply not the space to allow a new grill in each site. As well as this, we hold all the breakfast products in the UHC cabinets and would therefore need dedicated units to hold breakfast products all day ... There is also the issue of cross contamination considerations of foods from breakfast (egg) and pork (sausage) to main menu (beef)."

You hear that, folks? Having separate menus was never a way to torture us by denying us satisfaction for our cravings when we needed it most. They just didn't have the space and also kind of didn't want to make us sick. Understandable.

While McDonald's ended up blessing the U.S. with all-day breakfasts toward the end of 2015, other nations (like the U.K.) haven't been so lucky. Australia seems to be at the forefront of the McD's revolution, though, as they indeed serve breakfast favorites all day — and now you can get your nuggets and burgers all day, too. And let us not forget their Big Brekkie Burger, which combines breakfast and BBQ, because the rules are THERE ARE NO RULES.

Way to be, Australia.

Truly, though, McDonald's locations around the globe have hardly ever held back when it comes to trying new and exciting things; and expanding their menu options to be available all day pales in comparison to other things they've tested out. After all, we are talking about the same joint that came up with the Gratin Croquette Burger in Japan — a fried-crab-and-macaroni-croquette burger thing.

And the same place that thought the McLobster would be a good idea, which just offends me on a personal level, because why?

But McNuggets and burgers all day, every day? I think that's something we can all get behind. Maybe the U.S. will follow suit. (COUGH.)