McDonald’s & Maltesers Have Teamed Up To Create The Reindeer McFlurry You Deserve


There's nothing sadder than the sight of a Celebrations box filled with the wrappers of the long gone and eaten Maltesers. Everyone knows that you basically only get the box for those ones anyway, and diving to get them before they're gone feels a bit like being at war with your family. Luckily, McDonald's are this year's Christmas peacemakers, as they've just unveiled a suitably seasonal, completely delicious, limited edition McFlurry to their selection. Get your mittens around this one: there's a McDonald's Malteser Reindeer McFlurry, and to be honest its the least the UK deserves for getting through 2018.

The high street treats its people well this time of year, as shoppers are kept well fed and watered with seasonal special editions from the likes of Starbucks, Costa, and of course, McDonald's. Maybe you don't usually associate ice cream with the holidays, but some might say that's just a lack of imagination. Also, ice cream is delicious any time of year, and it's in my humble (and definitely correct) opinion that it's best eaten around Christmas — it's like eating snow, you guys!

The Reindeer McFlurry will be available for you to try from Nov. 21, according to The Sun. They also say that it'll only set you back £1.29, with the mini option totalling up to just 89p. It'll temporarily be replacing the toffee and strawberry sundaes (RIP, old friends), which were axed from the menu and left customers pretty devastated, as Lad Bible reported on Oct. 4. It's certainly not a disappointing replacement. Reindeer shaped Maltesers bites wrapped in that mindbogglingly delicious ice cream of McDonald's? What's not to love. The cup even comes appropriately decorated with cutie little Rudolphs.


While the rest of this year's Christmas menu will be unveiled within the coming weeks, as Metro reports, so far the Reindeer McFlurry comes accompanied by an equally indulgent Millionaire's Latte. In a bid to have their coffee compete with the likes of Starbucks and Costa, McDonald's Millionaire Latte is reportedly comprised of a large espresso shot, a caramel biscuit flavour syrup, and comes topped with chocolate cream and gooey caramel syrup — the ideal hand warmer for when you're out doing the Christmas shop.

Now it's just time for McDonald's to announce their festive burgers. I'm counting on 'em. Last year's menu boasted camembert dippers, as Metro reported, and which I haven't stopped thinking about since its discontinuation. McDo, hear my plea — for all that is Christmas and holy, please bring back the camembert. Turn the whole restaurant into camembert, actually. I'd love to wash down a giant block of cheese with a Reindeer McFlurry and a Millionaire's Latte. It's just the classic combo, right?

But here's the real question — will you get to have your Christmas dinner at McDonald's this year, with Reindeer McFlurry and all? As Country Living point out, "Only a handful of McDonald's restaurants open on Christmas Day," so it's best to call ahead and see whether your nearest will be open to host your Christmas meal. I'm not even kidding. The Reindeer McFlurry is just that good.