'Will & Grace' Fans Will Love This Madonna Story

by S. Atkinson

Karen Walker was always one of the more high-maintenance characters on Will & Grace, so it's charming, if totally unexpected, to learn that her real-life equivalent is much more down-to-earth. Actor Megan Mullally's story about Madonna appearing on Will & Grace just goes to prove that she is actually incredibly chill. (However, Madonna and Cher, who Mullally also speaks about, sound much like you'd expect.) When appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel asked Mullally about the "super famous guest stars" that appeared on the show in the old days.

Heck, just Mullally running through all the major pop stars who appeared on the show was a refresher course on why you need to rewatch Will & Grace pronto: Madonna, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Elton John, and Matt Damon ("He's not a popstar, I don't think"). And with a little coaxing, Mullally started opening up about Madonna and fangirling, much as you'd do if you were around Madonna. She recalled, "I thought she was really nice and really present and she worked really, really hard."

But after a while, Mullally does confess that it didn't seem like Madonna, ahem, knew "our real names in real life." She may have even gone around referring to them as their characters' names.

But it's Mullally's attitude that's the fun of the clip. If you're expecting her to be outraged, think again. She continued,

"... because why should she, who cares? Some of the cast were really offended like 'She doesn't even know my name' and I was like, who cares, Madonna's doing our show, it doesn't matter."

I love this. It's hard not to enjoy Mullally reacting how probably all of us would if we got the opportunity to be around Madonna. And what are names, anyway? Just pretty strings of syllables chosen at random so your parents could summon you in large crowds. I'd happily forego Madonna referring to me by my correct name for a chance to rub shoulders with the Queen of Pop.

And then it got even better, because then Mullally threw caution to the wind and talked about Cher being on the show. If you've watched the above, you will know that the inevitable happened: Cher chose just one person to fawn over and it was Sean Hayes who played Jack, who got invited to her castle in Italy for Thanksgiving, because of course he did. Hayes — who sounds, if I'm being real, a little bit like his character in Will & Grace — declined the invitation. Mullally said this was typical for the actor, who one time went to beautiful Ireland with his mother and came back and was like, "Ugh, I was so bored." Who finds the delightful leprechaun land full of great beer and irrepressibly witty folk boring? C'mon. How Jack McFarland of you, Hayes.

So, in short, everyone is exactly how you expect them to be — except for Mullally, the newly anointed queen of my heart, who is refreshingly down-to-earth about just about everything. Who knew? Not me, probably not you, until now.