Meghan Markle Dresses Like Her 'Suits' Character More Often Than You'd Think

Before she was a royal, Meghan Markle was arguably best known for playing Rachel Zane on the popular television series Suits. In it, she had a wardrobe full of tailored jackets, mid-length pencil skirts, and button-down shirts. Even though she had to recently adapt to royal rules of dress, she’s still managed to get in some Rachel Zane looks that seem to have been engrained into her personal style after years of playing the role on television. But, if you have to share your wardrobe with any TV character, Rachel Zane is a great choice, right?

Zane has a uniform, to be sure. The character is known for her unabashed love of trench coat and neutral color palettes. And Meghan Markle has followed suit (sorry, had to) by embracing Zane's wardrobe but with a modern upgrade. On some occasions, she’s taken Zane’s buttoned-up classic and made it more fun and youthful, like her choice to don a sleeveless trench dress in lieu of a traditional double-breasted overcoat. On others, she’s dressed like Zane nearly to-a-T, embracing the character's famous pencil skirt-and-sweater combo.

Ahead, find the best Meghan Markle-Rachel Zane twinning moments and glean a little Spring 2020 style inspiration from the departing royal and her former television persona.


Perhaps one of the most obvious twinning moments between Markle and Zane was her choice to wear a white button-down shirt and black silk skirt to the Endeavour Fund Awards at Draper's Hall in London in February 2019. If you had to choose one go-to look for Zane, it would have been that.


As Zane was not exactly one for color, it’s always a subtle nod to her on-screen alter ego when Markle steps out in a neutral coat — especially one as tailored as Zane’s own selection.

Crisp Shirt

Zane loved a crisp, collared shirt — as does Markle. At Wimbledon in 2018, Markle slipped into a blue-and-white striped one from Ralph Lauren that she paired with white wide-leg pants.

Trench Coat

Zane often grabbed a trench coat when the weather was slightly chilly. Markle, too, has been known to slip into the double-breasted style from time-to-time.

Hunter Green

Markle looked nearly identical to her on-screen character when she chose a green skirt and white top for her first official visit to Northern Ireland in March 2018.

Black Suit

When Zane opted to trade in her pencil skirt, it was most often in favor of a classically tailored black suit. Markle, too, loves the style, choosing to wear it to multiple official engagements that traditionally might have called for a dress or skirt.


Both Markle and her on-screen character love a revealing covered-up look by way of sheer panels and sleeves.