Meghan Markle’s Birthday Is During Mercury Retrograde & Here’s What That Means For Her

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If you feel like things have felt a bit off-balance lately, you probably aren't alone. Mercury retrograde began on July 26, and it's going to stick around until August 19 (oh, and there are also four other planetary retrogrades happening at the same time as well... but no big deal). Mercury is the planet that rules communication, meaning that the retrograde period can make things feel a bit strained. It's a time known for mishaps, misunderstandings, and frustrations. It's also happening during Leo season, which means that anyone who is a Leo is having a birthday during the retrograde period. One of the most famous Leos in the world, for instance: Meghan Markle's birthday falls during Mercury retrograde, as it's taking place on August 4. Considering Mercury retrograde has a reputation for being a tumultuous time periomd what does this combination mean for Markle? In an effort to get some answers for the newest member of the royal family, Bustle spoke with two astrologers to get the lowdown.

To truly understand what to expect, you have to first grasp the effects of Mercury retrograde. Astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle, "Since Mercury is most known for communication (after all, Mercury is the winged messenger of the Gods), you can expect misunderstandings to occur in our social lives. This retrograde occurs in the sign of Leo, a sign known for drama, forgiveness, love, over-reactions, self-centeredness, and warmth, among other things."

Everyone will feel these effects, including Markle — in fact, she might feel them even more strongly, because it's her birthday. Mckean continues, "It's going to be a very sensitive time for [Markle] as a Leo, since Mercury is retrograding in her sign. While the lunar eclipse may have exacerbated some family issues, Mercury retrograde will seek to cross wires even more." Yes — Mckean is referring to Markle's father, Thomas Markle, who has continued to speak to the press about his daughter in increasingly aggravated ways. Mckean tells Bustle, "Speaking of her father, he'll likely start to be less chatty after Mercury goes direct on August 19. Mars is still in retrograde until August 27, so he might still deliver some outlandish statements to the press, but it should significantly die down by the end of the month."

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Mckean adds, "As a Leo, the Mercury retrograde will be a time of dramatic ups and downs." It won't be all bad, though — as Mckean adds, "her plate will be full of duties to fulfill, but she'll slay them despite any delays Mercury retrograde brings about. Pressure might be high to be extra diligent and careful with her words, but she'll be able to keep on a happy face. Behind closed doors, she can let it all out in theatrical dramatics if she needs to... even if she does make a small error, the public will easily forgive her and it would even make her more likable and relatable."

Similarly, astrologer Linda Furiate tells Bustle about Markle's solar return chart, which is connected with her birthday: A solar return chart, specifically, is a chart timed for the exact moment the Sun makes its annual return to the place it was in the sky the moment of a person's birth. Furiate says it often reveals a yearlong theme, telling Bustle, "Meghan is not doomed for failure this year. In fact, with Mercury retrograde in the sign of Leo in her solar return chart, this may be a wonderful time for her to re-think her role in society." Continuing, Furiate elaborates, "for Meghan, as she thinks about herself and how she will shine her light, she may feel blessed with the warmth and desire to speak from her heart and share a personal part of her journey that may inspire the masses."

Whatever happens, I hope Markle enjoys her birthday as much as possible. She deserves it!